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3 Features Your First E Cig Battery Must Have

Everything you Need to Know in Order to make Your First E Cig Battery Purchase

So you’ve made the decision to transition from smoking cigarettes to vaping with an e cig, congratulations on making the first step towards a longer, healthier, and better smelling, life! While many people consider vaping merely a means to a smoke free end, a lot of people get immersed in the rabbit-hole and passionately consider vaping their daily hobby, and it all starts with your first e cig battery.

Regardless of your motivations to start vaping, I know that it’s pretty tempting to get a cheap cig-a-like from a gas station, or big box store, but don’t do it! Trust me, you’ll have better success staving off those pesky cigarette cravings by investing in a higher quality battery. Sure, there are some decent cig-a-like kits out there, but in the long run, you’ll be much happier if you decide to invest in a better quality, and more versatile, battery to start.

Your first e cig battery will be the very foundation of your set up, so when shopping around, it’s important to think about what you’re looking for; it’s kind of like dating. Don’t settle for a one night stand, pick a battery that’s good enough to keep you from hitting up those nasty cancer-sticks for a booty-call that you’ll only regret later. So ask yourself, what’s important to you? Is it battery life? Portability? Ease of use? Customize-able settings? In addition to your personal preferences, these are three things that your first battery must have:

1. 510 and Ego Threading

The most common headers (the things you attach to your battery that produce vapor) either utilize 510 or ego threading. Your first battery should have both 510 and ego threading. There are so many different options out there so you need the ability to shop around. If you have both of the most common threading types, you’ll have more options than a drunk frat boy visiting an all-girls school because you’ll have the largest selection available to you when choosing your header.

2. Variable Voltage Settings

What tastes great to me might not taste so good to you, and that’s okay! With a variable voltage device, you can dial in the heat for the best possible flavor. If you want a hotter vape, you can turn that sucker up, or if you want a cooler vape you can turn it down.  It’s also important because there are a lot of different headers out there with different electrical resistances. So to keep your taste-buds happy and to keep the flavor and heat consistent, you need to be able to adjust your voltage.

3. Size Matters

Trust me, I know from personal experience that the worst thing when trying to switch to vaping from smoking is your battery dying on you! Your cigarette-addicted brain is screaming at you and your battery just can’t get it up (how embarrassing). Cravings won’t wait, neither should you. Battery capacity is measured in mAh (milliamps per hour). I currently have an Innokin MVP 2 that’s powered by a 2600 mAh battery. It’s square shaped, smaller than a pack of cigarettes, and lasts me for about 2 days between charges. If you choose a smaller battery, that’s totally fine! Just make sure that you buy at least two, so you always have a charged spare.

Remember, you don’t have to break the bank to get a good battery (or two…or three) with all of these features! Ego type batteries with the twist (twist is important because it means it’s variable voltage) feature are the most common starter batteries for beginners; it’s what I started with (and I loved it).

Ego twist batteries come in various brands and sizes. They range from the mini 650 mAh (around 3.85 inches long) all the way to 1300 mAh (around 4.5 inches long). Depending on the battery size you choose, prices range from 15-30 USD per battery. The most popular brands for ego type batteries are Joye, Kanger, and Vision. There’s no shame in getting an off brand, there are some good ones out there! Just remember, not all batteries are created equal, and you might not like the quality of an off brand battery, so shop wisely.

If you’re willing to splurge a little…

You should definitely consider an Innokin MVP 2 for around 40-60 USD. The MVP 2 has variable voltage and variable wattage settings, it can check the electrical resistance of your headers, and it has both 510 and ego threading. You can vape it while it’s charging, or even use it to charge your cell phone in an emergency! It’s a great beginner battery that has most of the features you’ll need if vaping becomes your hobby (or obsession) like it did for me and for countless others.

So there you have it, once you choose your battery, the header for your battery, and your e juice, you’ll be one step closer to your smoke-free, and hopefully extended, life!

Battery Safety PSA: Always be careful when charging any battery, regardless of style or brand. You should never leave a battery unattended, or use a charger that wasn’t manufactured specifically for your battery type. Always remove the battery from the charger once the charging cycle is complete, and never charge your batteries over night. Your battery will not last you forever. But with a little TLC, you can greatly extend it’s working life-span. If you’re good to your battery, it’ll be good to you!

Have fun and vape on!


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