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7 Popular Rebuildable Atomizers Rated – No Gennie Edition

You want great flavor, easy build and reliability. Hey – I don’t blame you. I want that too! The good news is, you’ve got lots of options, pal. The bad news? You’ve got a lot of options. But that’s OK, because I’m gonna help you sort through them. Read on…

Kayfun 3.1

The one that started it all. Though its little brother and his copycat buddy have become more popular, the Kayfun 3.1 was a revolutionary device.

Pros: Ushered in a new category of rebuildable atomizers.

Cons: Questionable vapor production. Juice filling requires plastic needle tip. It’s ginormous.

Grade: B+

Kayfun Lite+

You want one. I want one. Everyone out there wants one. But good luck finding an authentic KFL+ without paying an arm and a leg, or importing from overseas (which might cost you a kidney). Of course, there’s a reason it’s so popular. The Kayfun Lite+ does pretty much everything right. Great flavor, decent vapor, easy build, good loooks and it’s flexible enough to use with silica or cotton. And the “plus” model introduced the much-needed airflow control. If you can find one under $100, buy it.

Pros: Amazing flavor. Easy build. Durable. Window or all stainless option.

Cons: Questionable vapor production. Filling any way but through the bottom fill hole can result in leaking. Easy to block air or juice flow and cause dry hits. Difficult to obtain.

Grade: A-

Russian 91%

Technically, the R91 is a Kayfun Lite clone with the addition of an airflow control. It’s the rare clone that matches the original in quality, while surpassing it in features. Add to that the fact it’s generally about 20% cheaper, and we have a winner. In fact, such a winner, SvoeMesto added airflow control to the Kayfun Lite and dropped their price just to compete.

Pros: Excellent build quality. Includes box and goodies absent from Kayfun. Easier to obtain than a Kayfun at a lower price. Includes 510 drip tip converter.

Cons: Odd finish matches almost nothing.

Grade: A+

Taifun GT

Consistently the best all-around performer in my stable, but sometimes I look at my mod and wonder why there’s a diving bell attached to it. But as annoying as the ginormous thing is, I know it’s gonna perform every time I pick it up.

Pros: Large capacity. Window or all-stainless tank option. Practically leak-proof. Easy to add juice without emptying.

Cons: Big, bulky and heavy. Large diameter doesn’t match up with some devices. Complicated build.

Grade: A


In concept, the SQuape solves a lot of problems encountered with other RBAs (rampant hotspots, awkward build space), but in practice, the design still needs some refining. While it’s forgiving as far as shorts, I find the wick length, diameter and placement must be absolutely perfect to get good performance. I get more dry hits from the SQuape than any other RBA listed here.

Pros: Easiest build in class. Large capacity. Easy to add juice without emptying.

Cons: Bulky. Questionable juice flow at times. Air chamber is coated with non-conductive material. No airflow control.

Grade: C


The MVP in my collection. Set it up properly and you will be richly rewarded with billowy, flavorful clouds. Designed for dual-coils, the Aqua can atomize twice as much liquid as its rivals. Throw in brilliant juice and air control systems, and we have a winner. Oh, and did I mention it can be converted to a hybrid with the Origin mod? A lot of people have called it the Kayfun killer, but its inherent complexity and difficult build mean it will never have the same mass appeal.

Pros: Excellent air and juice flow control. Remarkable quality. Designed for dual-coils. Very good vapor production. Well-designed adjustable bottom pin.

Cons: Expensive. Not designed for single coils. Small tank capacity. Not compatible with standard 510 tips. No window. Small diameter doesn’t match up with some devices. Can be frustrating to build.

Grade: A


“If you build it. It will flood.” Notoriously gurgle-prone, the Fogger began life as a Fogatti clone, but evolved into something of its own device. Unfortunately, The Fogger is one of the most difficult RBAs to build, and often rewards the diligent vaper with dry hits. And just when you think you’ve got the Fogger figured out, you’ll get a mouth full of turgid diesel vapor followed by a warm trickle of juice in your lap.

Pros: Affordable. Solid Construction. Pyrex and plastic tank options.

Cons: Leaky, leaky, leaky. Difficult to build. Not good with cotton or silica. Glass tank is prone to breakage. Alternating dry hits with flooding, depending on its mood.

Grade: D-

The Bottom Line

I own, or have owned, all the atomizers listed above. If I could have only one, I’d take the Aqua. But building and filling it can become tedious. The Russian 91% is the overall best atomizer on this list, though the Taifun is very, very close, simply for its reliability.

You can’t go wrong with any of these choices, except the Fogger. Avoid the Fogger. Curse the Fogger. And you might want to wait until a V2 of the SQuape is released. It’s not bad in its current state, but it could certainly be better. At its premium price point I expect more.

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  1. Well i havent owned all but i have the russain kufun 3.1 and fogger i am tiex between kafun n russain tho

  2. What are you talking about? The kayfun 3.1 and the standard russian (opposed to the 91%, even though so did it) had and have airflow control. I know because I own both of them, the AFC comes in the form of the screw located to the left of the airflow hole.

    • Also the kayfun lite plus goes for around $95-100, not $120 and if it’s leaking you just aren’t top filling it right. Finally what you said about the drip tip was also incorrect, it takes any standard 510 drip tip. Again, I know this because I own several. Please, in the future try to fact check more carefully because the information you give can seriously affect what people considering vaping as an alternative decide to do and what current vapers decide to spend their hard earned money on, so please keep that in mind and make sure the things you’re writing are accurate and factual. Thanks

    • Hi David, we’ve updated the post based on what you’ve said. Thanks for letting us know. At the time of writing the post, the Kayfun Lite + was a little harder to come by than it is now, therefore accurate pricing with shipping was difficult to find.

      • Thanks a lot, I appreciate it. Any updates to the list perhaps in the works? There are definitely some new RTA’s I can think of off the top of my head that qualify and I as well as many other vapers would, most likely, be interested in seeing how they stack up. For instance the new squape R (I think that’s what it’s called) and the expromizeer (stupid name aside I’ve heard many glowing reviews on this device….just to name a few

        Keep on vaping all you cloud-chasing cowboys (and cowgirls) =]

    • What do I need to turn that screw?…Some cleaner to find out what it is and access it? GF gave me one and it looks maybe overly used. WELL…IT WAS PROBABLY USED TO DEATH BECAUSE IT IS SO DAMN GOOD….Where can I buy a new KAYFUN FOR A GOOD PRICE?

  3. I by far love my Russian 91% smooth great tasting clouds great builds can be achieved all around AWESOMO!!

  4. I have a fogger v4 in black – might actually be v4.1 and it is perfect in every way. No leaking ever. Never ever has it gurgled. I did get a few dry hits till I realised you don’t put any wick inside the juice channels. Since I started wicking it like a kayfun it has been perfect in every way and frequently makes passers-by exclaim in wonder at the ridiculous clouds of fog I exhale.

  5. I also have a Fogger v4.1 & I do not have any of the problems listed above. It produces enormous clouds w/ great taste. I have all the above RBA’s except the Squape, & the Fogger is definitely in the top 2 of my favorites. I would highly recommend it to anyone. The previous versions, yea toss those thinks in the junk pile.

  6. And noone said anything about the origen? Or the Storm v2?

  7. You’re spot on regarding the price of KayFuns. There are several models currently going for well over $100 (USD) on eBay. However, there are a few online stores offering the KayFun Lite for $70 (USD).

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