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An ECBlends Juice Review

After purchasing 5 bottles of ejuice (and a 6th was thrown in for free), I got down to the business of vaping and tasting each juice. ECBlend has a very nice selection of ejuice at very reasonable prices. My review of my last purchase is as follows:

Wizards Cave: 18mg 40pg/60vg

This is good. I really like this flavor, though I wish I had opted to get flavor shots to increase the flavor from the start. I can’t wait to see how this one tastes in a few weeks. ECBlend states that it is “Cinnamon Danish nicely blended with Apple Pie and Butterscotch”. I can taste a very light hint of butterscotch with a nice sweet danish flavor. No cinnamon flavor at all, nor is there an apple pie flavor, but it is still a nice light sweet desert flavor.
6/10 – would buy again, but with some flavor shots.

Cuban Gold: 18mg 50/50

No tobacco flavor at all, but then, I am tasting it fresh. Right now, it has a slight spicey taste to it, sort of reminiscent of a allspice or curry sort of spicey aftertaste. I’ll try this one again in a few weeks to see if the tobacco flavor perks up any.
2/10 – unless it steeps nicely, would not buy again.

Darkness: 18mg 50/50

Per ECBlend “A dark robust tobacco with subtle notes of chocolate and coffee”. I rather like this flavor, even though it has no tobacco flavor. Has a great dark chocolate and coffee flavor. So far, I’ve been using this one and Wizard’s Cave regularly (and they taste awesome mixed). It will be interesting to see if the tobacco flavor makes an appearance in a few weeks or not. I’m hoping it does.
6/10 – would buy again, but with some flavor shots.

Pizza Ria: 18mg 50/50

I got this one as a joke, due to my wife ribbing at me about getting into vaping and ditching my cigar habit. Plus, as a native St. Louisian who is family friends with the owners of Imo’s Pizza, I grew up eating pizza all the time. And haven’t been able to eat any in the past 3 years even though I have made my fair share of pizza for others that I can’t eat. Anyways, this had a nice taste of oregano based pizza sauce with a hint of basil, a parmigiano-reggiano undertone, and a barely-there aftertaste of brick-fired. Not an every day like the Wizard’s Cave and Darkness, but a lovely flavor.
5/10 – would buy again, but with some flavor shots.

Bacon: 18mg 50/50

Another joke flavor. Since I’ve been mostly a carnivore for the past three years I have eaten my fair share of bacon. I had hoped that if the flavor wasn’t the best, the odor would linger as ECBlend warns. This one barely has any flavor. I feel like I am vaping unflavored juice. Maybe it will steep and get some flavor.
1/10 – unless it steeps well, I would not buy again.

That Juice (Free sample): 0mg 50/50

This was given to be as a free sample and it has a nice sweet flavor, reminiscent of a pink and orange mixed Starburst. It is supposed to also be a tobacco flavor but once again, no dice. I’m really hoping to get some tobacco flavor going after a few weeks of these, since I loved cigars for the flavor.
4/10 – might buy again, with flavor shots, even if the tobacco flavor never shows up.


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