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Banana Juice Beatdown, or Musings on Musa: Bonus Coverage of Bombies and Grizzly Vapes

Herein we take a look at offerings from two of the vaping community’s most beloved juice slingers: Bombies’ ‘Nana Cream and Grizzly Vapes’ Nanner Bear.

These two mixologists are interesting in that they both sprung up from the feverish depths of vaping fandom when they saw something lacking in the existing liquid landscape. They each decided to perfect just a handful of juices, rather than be everything to everyone. Both also appeal to the permanent vaping subculture, not so much the average Joe and Jane just trying to quit smoking.

Each has a fervent following. And funnily enough they both seem to have made their name on the milk of the nanner. I should admit here what I privately told each of these lab wizards, “I don’t like banana. I don’t want to vape banana. There’s nothing you can do to make me try your juice.” And then I promptly shut up and ordered it anyway. It’s true, I’m not a fan of synthetic banana flavorings, but there were so many bananafans of both juices, I had to give them a shot.

So let’s play Mr. Bananagrabber…

Bombies ‘Nana Cream: It’s becoming harder and harder to get this stuff, it’s so popular. But I procured – and then cured – some. On first drip, I got it. Yeah, it tastes like banana. Sort of. It’s not so much that it’s banana-flavored as it’s just good. This is probably the best cream style juice I’ve ever had. I am often disappointed in cream flavors, but this seems to be just what I was looking for.

Bottom-Lined: Hype justified. Get you hands on it now.
Pointlessly Subjective Rating: 10/10

Grizzly Vapes Nanner Bear: This is a vaper’s juice made by a vaper. This guy knows what his people want, and he delivers. It’s max VG, so if you’re looking for throat hit, look elsewhere. But if you want delicious flavor and billowy clouds, this is it. An all-day vape in the truest sense of the term. My only complaint is it’s just a tad too sweet for me. I suffer from a bit of flavor overload after several hours. But I am quite certain this is just me, as a blissful legion of steamheads can’t be wrong.

Bottom-Lined: Float away on a banana cloud.
An Arbitrary Number That Can’t Possibly Mean Anything to You: 9/10

It’s plantain as day: these are both great juices.

Special note: I wanted very much to work in a banana stand reference, but I could not find a suitable place; this will have to do.

Bonus Bombies and Grizzly Coverage!

Bombies White Gummy B: This was the first Bombies juice I ever tried, and with the first draw I was sold. It’s clean, fresh, and flavorful. But after a bit, I have to admit it does not hold up well as an all-day vape. There’s just something about it that fails to resonate. It lacks impact or complexity. That’s not a bad thing, and in fact, that may make it perfect for certain folks.

Bottom-Lined: High-quality and tastes just like a white gummy bear, but it’s somehow unsatsifying.
Entirely Subjective Rank: 6/10

Bombies Tiger Style: This is a bit more like it, Mr. Bombie. I have to admit, this is not really my thing, but I appreciate the more robust flavor compared to White Gummy B. It reminds me of the long-time standard, (well, a long time in vaping terms) Bloody Mango from The Vapor Chef. It’s just a solid vape, and I know there is a fan base out there for this one, even if I won’t be returning to it.

Bottom-Lined: Remember those popsicles the lecherous ice cream man used to roofie you with?
Foolish Attempt to Quantify Taste: 7/10

Grizzly Vapes Simple 5: I have to give Grizzly Vapes a lot of credit for making high quality juice and keeping the cost down with their “Simple” line. But by keeping it so simple, there’s something lost. If you’re a volume vaper, this may just be the thing for you. BTW, it tastes like Tootsie Roll washed down with a shot of orange juice.

Bottom-Lined: It’s cheap, high quality, tastes like a Tootsie Roll.
Completely Pointless Number System Says: 7/10


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