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Cleaning and Coil Head Life in Kanger Protanks and Aerotanks

Cleaning and Coil Head Life in Kanger Protanks and Aerotanks

You want to save some money. We all do. Especially if that money can be used to buy more juice or gear. Well, how would you like to extend your Protank, EVOD and Aerotank coil life by 50-100% with just a little effort and a bottle of cheap booze? Hell, you’ve probably already got the booze, right?

Two of the most common questions new vapers ask are “How long should the coil head last in my Protank or Aerotank?” and “How often and how should the tank be cleaned?” Coils usually last a couple weeks with “regular” vaping. Of course, that depends upon a lot of factors, but with some easy maintenance, they can last 3-4 weeks (possibly longer). I clean my clearomizer tanks and coil head roughly twice a week. I might be a bit OCD, but I also get the advantage of a clean tank when switching flavors.

This is my cleaning method, which seems to be pretty common:

1. Disassemble entirely. This means the tip, top cap, o-ring assembly, tank, base and coil head.

2. Rinse briefly under warm tap water and shake dry (don’t lose anything!).

3. Toss it all into a small plastic container filled with Everclear or Vodka. Shake the container fairly well and let sit for anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour (some people even let it sit overnight).

4. Remove everything (seriously, don’t lose anything), rinse with warm water, and leave to air dry. I sometimes squeeze the wicks a bit to speed up the drying.

(Optional Step 4a. Depending on just HOW cheap that booze is, have a shot!)

5. If you’re starting with a new, unused coil head, reassemble the base, coil head and tank, then fill with juice. Then reassemble your tank. In a top-wick system, roll the clearo around a bit to saturate the wicks. Some top-wicking coils benefit from a drop or two of juice applied directly on them. Wait a few minutes to make sure it’s wicking. Go ahead and vape!

6. If you’re reusing your newly cleaned coil head, screw the coil onto the base (without the tank) and screw the base onto your mod for what’s called a “dry burn.” I usually do a dry burn with three short “hits,” lasting 2-3 seconds each, while gently blowing on the coil. (PSA: don’t touch the coil unless you like the smell of burning flesh.)

Now reassemble the base, coil head and tank. Fill with juice. When full, reassemble your tank and follow the rest of part 5. Also, see optional step 4a.

If your head was really gunked up, you can go through the whole process, then clean just the coil head again and do your dry burn.

That wasn’t so hard, was it? With a bit of cleaning, you can extend your clearomizer coil head life, save a bit of cash, and get stupid drunk. Vape on!

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  1. Nice guide! I have a few friends who just started vaping and they were worried about how to clean their protanks…I’ll make sure they see this 🙂

  2. Wow my coils only last 4 days always:(

    • Mine too, sadly…I find dry burning doesn’t help that much.

    • I usually replace mine 2-3 weeks. Been vaping a year and noticed darker ejuice tends to gunk up more. See the method I use below as well as the one posted which I will also try. Hope that helps.

  3. I’ve done all of this. And Im still lucky to get 4 days out of a coil.

    If you are a heavy vapor like me, more then a pack a day. To save money rebuilding is the way to go. Be it a good rba or rebuilding the kanger coils. I have to replace the wicking roughly every day depending on how much I use each addy I have, and what juice Im vaping. The crap just builds up that fast

  4. Good tips.
    This is what I do.
    -Take apart everything
    -rinse with warm water
    -boil water in the microwave for about a minute (I use an old coffee mug to put the water in)
    – when done, place coil head in the water and stir for about 30 sec
    – let it sit for at least 30 min or over night
    -Set on paper towel to dry(usually dries with 20 min or you can dry burn. Done!

    I will definitely try your method and take a shot of vodka while I’m at it.

    • Forgot to add remove the rubber ring that surrounds the wick before placing the coil head in the boiling water

      • Yes cola for your coil.
        I forgot to say Rince well then let dry !!!

        • Is denatured alcohol safe to clean coils with?

          • No, no, no! “Denatured” alcohol is treated with chemicals which make it poisonous and foul tasting, to discourage people from trying to drink 97% isopropyl. You’ll never get the poisonouse residue and taste out of the cotton

    • So I found the best way to clean coils !!!!!!!
      Cola !!!! Not to use a brand name but yes Im saying use “pop” “soda” “cola” !!!! Just soak your coils in a bottle of it over night. Remove , let dry and your dun !!!!!

      • Kyle
        Can you soak the coils in a bowl of soda, or does it need to be sealed in the bottle? Thanks

    • what i do is all of the above but when it comes to the dry burnning of the kanger dual coils i pulse press the fire button well blowing threw the air holes on the tank untill there is no more smoke coming out then rinse and air dry and yer ready to go! i found just burning them didnt get everything off and i would end up frying the coil!

  5. I have used a coil head in my x6 for at least 3-6 months…..

  6. Tap water? :/ really?
    Get a friggin gallon of DISTILLED water! Tap and spring have minerals (add chlorine and iron oxide and PVC joint compound residue if it’s tap)

  7. My heads are lasting 1 day when I vape lightly (vape duration of 5-10 mins, with 2 second burns).
    My setup is 3.7 volt battery, 650 mAh. Juice 70PG/30VG, 24-30mg.

    Building own coils is the only affordable way for me.

    I noticed that my coils gets less gunked up and lasts longer by diluting juice with PG to make more fluid consistency.

    • I vape around 35ml daily on my Protank/aerotank dual coil and I only clean my coils about every 2-3 weeks and they probably could easily go for another week. I vape 90% VG and I like mine sweet. Are you sure you are using the right volts or wattage with your coil resistence? My 2.0ohm coils I vape at 12.5 watts/5.12volts, sometimes 13.5watts depending on my mod, and my 1.5ohm coils at 11watts/4.19volts. Those are my sweet spots and I’ve never fried a coil yet in my 1 year of vaping. If you have VV/VW try playing around with the volts or watts, if you are using a pen style, think about buying at least a ego twist so you can change volts with your different sized ohm coils.

  8. I have not seen anyone touch on cleaning the Kanger tanks. I was vaping a vg coffee juice. I rinsed it out last night well and it still smells funky from the old juice. What is the best way to clean the tank not the atomizer?

  9. My tank no longer screws into.the battery base….the screw appears to be stripped. Can this be fixed without buying a new one?

  10. Is it possible that the rubber ring melts in boilin hot water?
    My boyfriend was tryin to help by cleaning the coild for me but now we cant found the rubber ring ANYWHERE?! Could it of melted?

  11. If you lose the o-ring, try wrapping with dental floss. Tuck the end under your last wrap, and you’re good to go. This was told to me by a vape store owner.

  12. It’s not that I’m here to save money, it’s that I’m tired of coils only lasting 4 days and reading some of the other comments here, thats the average lifespan of a kanger coil – which is a complete ripoff.

    Face it, they’ve diddled the coils in both coil heads and carts to burn out sooner. People, I am tired of being ripped off, and will be returning to smoking shortly. Vaping had its day, now they’re just out to close the margins and make as much money as they can, it has become more blatant in recent years.

    I took up vaping in 2012, and between 2012-2014 I had a great time. Then came a huge dropoff in performance. I started out on carts, moved to tanks, got frustrated and moved back to carts and even those had poor performance compared to the earlier days. So I gave up and went back to smoking once already.

    Started trying to vape again in 2017, but I can see that things have not improved. They’re still maximising their profits and minimising your experience.

    People face it, while you continue to buy these things you are doing exactly what they want and it only gets worse. Stop buying these coils they are ripoff. Let Kanger feel your dissapointment and it will force them to make better longer lasting coils.

    4 days is nowhere near enough, when you’re used to coils that used to last 2 weeks. You have to be honest with yourself, they’ve done this on purpose.

    I’m going back to smoking which I dont recommend for anyone, but I do recommend that you at least think about moving on from Kanger, and any other brand that has configured their coils likewise. Maybe try rebuildables or something. For me personally, the reason I return to smoking is because I am unwilling to part with yet more money on yet another possible solution that probably will only part me with my cash but wont be the answer.

    This situation doesn’t change until people start being honest with themselves and act accordingly. They have no motivation or need to change the manufacture of their coils while you keep buying them, and be honest, they’re not good enough.

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