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DNA30 – What’s the Deal?

DNA. It’s not even a word, just a damned acronym, yet it’s driving the vaping world crazy. But what exactly is the DNA, and how is it different from the APVs (Advanced Personal Vaporizers) we already know? And furthermore, why is everybody losing their shit to get one?

What is a DNA?

The DNA is a chipset created by Evolv Vapor. In the simplest terms, it regulates power, delivers consistent output and provides functionality to your device. The chip is attached to a display screen that gives a readout of battery life, resistance, voltage and wattage.

The DNA chip has been through a few revisions. The most recent is the DNA30, which just so happens to have an output of 30 watts. What a coincidence!

OK, so What’s a DNA Mod?

A “DNA Mod” is a vaporizer that includes a DNA20 or DNA30 chip. They’re made by many different companies, and Evolv sells the chips to losers – I mean individuals – like us, so we can make our own DNA Mod. For this reason, the DNA Mod takes many forms (much like love and Decepticons).

Some DNA mods utilize an incorporated battery pack, and some use a high-drain 18650. Some of these allow for quick swapping of the 18650, but most are designed so that battery remains in the device until it’s dead. It just depends upon each builder’s vision.

All DNA mods that incorporate the DNA chip have the same features, so using different devices from different makers is a nearly identical experience.

Sounds Good, But Why Would I Want a DNA30?

The DNA30 allows you to use sub ohm and it holds the voltage through the battery life. DNA30 devices can regulate power down to .5 ohm. That’s a lot of power. But that’s just the beginning. If you set it to 19 watts (4.7v on a 1.1ohm coil) it’s going to put out 19 watts of power until the battery is dead. If you set it to 23 watts, you’re getting 23 watts, regardless of the resistance of whichever atomizer you thread. It’s also remarkably power efficient so your battery life is great.

DNA devices allow you to run at 10 amps, which means you can run lower ohm coils at a higher wattage. For comparison, eGos have 2.5 amp limit, the Provari V2 has a 3.5 amp limit, and the Vamo V5 and VTR are at 5 amps. And of course, mechanical mods are limited to the amp limit of the battery itself. Bottom line: you get lots of power from a DNA30, without sacrificing features, fit or finish (I’m looking at you, OKR box mods).

The DNA’s versatility means it works equally well with clearomizers, cartomizers, RDAs, RBAs. Whatever you got, it can handle. And boy, you haven’t vaped til you’ve threaded a high-end dripper to a DNA30!

DNA30 Features

I set it to 20 watts and it’ll vape at 20 watts until the battery gives in to sweet, merciful death (sorry, gotta quit listening to Cradle of Filth).

Variable Wattage
Differing resistances and different coil styles perform better at different wattages. Some juices taste better at lower settings, while others are better higher. Being able to effortlessly adjust power output to match your current atty/juice combo is a beautiful thing.

Smooth Power, No PWM
Pulse Width Modulation rapidly cycles high voltage and zero volts, turning the coil on and off very quickly to produce a set wattage. This is what causes the “rattlesnake” sound in some cheaper VV/VW devices. Many people claim PWM produces a crappy vaping experience and pisses off poisonous snakes.

Show and Tell
One quick look at the bright, clear display tells you everything you need to know. No cycling through menus, series of clicks or meters. Future versions will even tell you when you’re being a drunk asshole and it’s time to go home.

The Lock Don’t Stop
Let’s face it. Not all mechanical mods have trustworthy locking rings. If you’ve ever had one fire in your pocket accidentally, you’ll appreciate the DNA’s 5-click locking. I can see the ad campaign now… “The New DNA30 – Guaranteed Fewer Trips to the Burn Unit!”

Less Explodey
No worries about discharging the battery to dangerous levels. When you get down to 3.2V, it won’t fire. And it prevents shorted coils from firing, as well.

Just Charge it!
Most DNA devices charge by micro USB, so you can charge at your desk, in the car, or in wall plug, without removing the battery. My Nitecore barely sees use anymore, and my mods are always charged. Shocking!

It Just Works
If you’ve ever used a wonky Vamo, SID or Lavatube, you know how important this is. Over six months, using five different DNA mods, I’ve had to disconnect a battery to reset the chip precisely once. Reliability may not be sexy, but it keeps the vapor flowing.

Yeah, You Want One Now

And I don’t blame you. Since the DNA and I made a love pact, practically every other mod – VV, VW or mech – is gathering dust (it’s not you, it’s me, baby!). I get consistency, dependability and killer battery life with better performance than a mech. It’s the best of all worlds, and it’s hard to go back to anything else (even my beloved ProVari). Some say it’s the future of vaping. But the future is now, baby…

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