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Give ’em the Bird! A Bird’s Nest Elixirs Review

Bird’s Nest Elixirs is one of the many new premium juice alchemists popping up to sate a vaping world crazy for the high-quality juice. But with so many options out there, is it worth your time? Funny you should ask, because I reviewed seven of their flavors just for you!


Great with a Guinness or other heavy ale. The tobacco is mild, the bourbon implied. It’s difficult to pick out any individual flavor. I sense a hint of citrus on the exhale, but I think my mouth is fooled. Dry, clean exhale, very smooth on the draw. Flavorful, but not intense. A great choice for an All Day Vape.

Good for: A couple with big choices to make

Goes well with: old musty books, fake Waterford crystal from Sam’s Club and cassette mixes.


Another flavor with an implied citrus finish, though Bird’s Nest claims there’s no citrus in there. The strawberry is present in the undertones of the base. This is a lovely flavor, but competes with food and drink. Best enjoyed between meals. Good for summer – perhaps on a trail or under a veranda.

Good for: a girl named Tara

Goes well with: nature stuff, big floppy straw hats, pretentious parasols


My issue with citrus is it overpowers every other flavor and the juice often comes off acidic. Uproar does not suffer that fate. There’s just enough vanilla base to balance the orange. Expertly balanced and satisfying in a dripper or Kayfun style atomizer. Mixes well with wheat beers and IPAs. BNE recommends two-week aging, and I can confirm this juice really does improve over time.

Good for:a girl named Lisa

Goes well with: fish, sushi, things with tentacles, bad sci-fi


There’s a carmel implication, despite the fact this is a coffee hazelnut flavor. Winter spices (cinnamon, clove, nutmeg) are present, but not overwhelming. Like many of Bird’s Nest’s flavors, there’s an inherent complexity that challenges the palate, but this juice is less delicate than their others. I’m not picking up a lot of coffee… at least not real coffee. Perhaps more of a carmel macchiato with spice. The hazelnut becomes evident with repeated draws. A delicious vape!

Good for: a guy named Forrest

Goes well with: Afghans, caftans and wool scarves


I have been trying to decipher this flavor for two months, and it’s still a mystery. The mildly sweet cream is promising on the draw, but it’s an odd exhale. I still don’t know what to make of this juice, and I admit I’m disappointed every time I fill my Kayfun. That’s not to say it’s bad, it’s just not my thing. Comes alive at higher power settings in an dripper.

Good for: people who don’t write for onVaping

Goes well with: honeysuckle dreams, goldenrod peasant tops, a broken jet ski


Delicious honey with a coconut undertone. Build yourself a nice dual coil and crank this one up to release a savory flavor experience. Tastes great in a Kayfun, but like most of Birds Nest’s juices, you’ve got to give it a spin in a dripper. After two months, I’ve yet to tire of this one.

Good for: a lady named Sarah

Goes well with: Vox amplifiers, high-end plastic dinnerware, airport magazines, fond memories of distant friends


You like pipe tobacco? This is a serious tobacco flavor. Warm, with just a hint of apple and a slight peppery undertone. Lots of vapor and a dry exhale. I actually like this on a lower power setting in a dripper to bring out the smooth richness. This is a seriously strong flavor with a satisfying throat hit. Tobacco fans need to try this bold blend.

Good for: a man with “The Third” at the end of his name

Goes well with: well-worn slippers, a globe bar filled with mid-range scotch, facial hair


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