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Guide to Being a Considerate Vaper

How to not vape like an asshole.

Between the crazy amount of rules, restrictions, bans, and taxation, it’s no secret that the modern society really hates smokers. Those of us who used to smoke analogs understood our place in society as smokers. We couldn’t smoke inside most places. If we tried, we’d be quickly escorted out of the building. Even smoking outside was a potential minefield because of the numerous regulations and local rules like making sure that you were 15 feet or more away from any public building’s doorway or making sure that you were not on public property while smoking. Because of all of the restrictions, if we wanted a smoke, we’d have to freeze our butts of in the dead of winter, get drenched in the rain, or sweat our asses off in the scorching heat of summer. To make matters worse, there were some places where we could ONLY smoke in our cars with the windows rolled up – talk about hot boxing. God forbid if you were a smoker with a conscience and you followed the rules. You smoked where it was allowed and didn’t even try to smoke where it wasn’t – and you certainly didn’t throw your cigarette butts on the ground. Instead, you’d carry them in your pocket and smell like an ashtray until you found a trashcan.

But I vape now. I’m free of all those rules society places on smokers… right?

WRONG! I see the days of the conscientious smoker turning into the days of the selfish vaper. I see smokers start to get turned on to vaping, purchasing the necessary equipment and eliquids. I see the smoker exclaim with wonderment on the taste of the eliquids, at the lack of smoke. I see the newly changed vaper’s desire to vape everywhere, because, well, why not! Vaping is safer! Vaping tastes great! Vaping smells good to those around you! Why wouldn’t you be able to vape everywhere, get your nicotine fix while tasting something delicious and blowing out vapor?

I too went through all those emotions, all those thoughts, all those desires. As a smoker, I hated the way I smelled after smoking so I only allowed myself to smoke outside or in a car with the windows down. Whereas now that I vape, I find myself vaping in cars with the windows up and indoors around family and friends. I also have a desire to vape in public spaces, in stores, in movie theatres. Which is something that while many of us might want to be able to do, we must not.

E cig regulations are becoming more and more prevalent.

Already, cities, counties, and even states are setting up laws that see e-cigarettes as no different than analogs. Some of us are forced to vape outside, vape away from building openings, or even told not to not vape outside in public places (like sidewalks and parks). There are bills trying to get turned into law that are trying to demonize vaping even more than smoking analogs. One of the best ways to keep such legislation from happening is to be a conscientious vaper, much like we were when we smoked. Vaping is a new technology and as early adopters, we have a responsibility of being the best God damned ambassadors for all of vape-kind.

The do’s and don’t’s of not being an asshole vaper.

DO tell vapers under 18 years old to freaking stop. If you are in a store that sells e-cigarettes and eliquid and notice someone who looks 18 or younger trying to purchase items, remind the store that it is in their best interest to card. Not to mention, it is in the best interest of any vaper who wishes to keep restrictions to a minimum.

DON’t throw disposable e-cigarettes on the ground when you are done with them. Do not throw any of your e-cigarette trash on the ground. In fact, just don’t litter at all – e cig related or not.

DON’t vape inside unless you have asked for and received permission to smoke inside. This goes for restaurants, bars, stores, and private dwellings.

DO leave if you’re asked to stop vaping, or asked to vape outside only. This is just common sense, so please comply with the request.

DON’T vape while sitting in the audience of a public meeting on proposed legislation on e-cigarettes. This only hurts our cause, strengthens the opposition’s argument, and has the potential to ruin vaping for everyone.

Self-imposed rules and bans? You’re crazy!

Would you rather self regulate or have laws that do that for you?  Making a nuisance of yourself while vaping, whether it is smoking while grocery shopping or not speaking up when you see eliquid being sold to someone that you question is over 18, is the primary reason e cigs have a bad rap. Vapers with the “whateva, I do what I want” mentality are the reason there is over the top restrictive legislation (increased taxation, restrictions of where you can vape, restrictions on how e juice is manufactured, etc). So do us ALL a favor and keep the nuisance to a minimum by doing your best to be an amazing vaper – instead of being an ass.

With great vapor comes great responsibility.

While vaping can be exciting – remember that vaping looks a whole lot like smoking to the general public because of the visible vapor. The majority of people have been conditioned to associate smoke with danger, and since vapor looks like smoke, they can’t help but associate vapor with all of the negative things associated with smoking. Until more people are properly informed of what vaping is and the safety of vaping over analogs, vapers will have to do their best to prove to the world that vaping =/= smoking and deal with being treated as simply a different breed of smokers – especially if we can’t learn how to self regulate.

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  1. Great post! I agree it’s important for vapers to be good ambassadors for vaping, it’s new to most people after all, people find change scary, and the more inconsiderate vapers about, the more rules and regulations will come, possibly ones that are unnecessary and too far.

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