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So you, or someone you know is thinking about making the switch

from smoking traditional cigarettes to vaping, and you’re looking for answers. It took me forever to figure out what I needed in an e cig set up, so I wasted a ton of money trying out different things and misunderstanding the crazy amount of information out there (sue me, I’m not a rocket scientist – I’m just a normal person who wanted to quit smoking). You might be wondering what the heck vaping is, if it’s safe, what kind of investment it’ll take, if it really works, or how to get started.

The internet is a huge (and weird) place, so it can be a real chore finding accurate answers to your questions. But now, you can rejoice – for this is the promised land in your quest to find the truth about e cigs! All of us here at want to help answer ALL of your questions. Between this guide and our blog posts, you’ll find easy to understand information about vaping. We want to help make your transition to vaping a piece of cake, and even taste like cake too (that is, if you like cake, but if you don’t it can taste like anything you want – we promise).

Fine, I Have a Question: Why Should I Care About E Cigs?

That’s kind of a huge question, but I’m glad you asked! We aren’t lying about wanting to answer all of your questions, so here’s five good answers.

1. Smoking Cigarettes is Bad for You and it’s Hard to Quit, Mmkay

We’re not here claiming that vaping is the ultimate smoking cessation technique, or that there aren’t any risks. However, there are a lot of people out there (myself included) who have successfully transitioned from smoking cigarettes, to vaping. Most people who’ve switched to vaping claim that it was much easier than quitting cold turkey and that they even prefer vaping to smoking. It’s super easy to wean yourself off of nicotine using e cigs since e juices are sold in a lot of different strengths.

2. Your Wallet Will Thank You in the Long Run

On average, vaping is way less expensive than maintaining a daily cigarette habit. Sure, purchasing your initial setup will cost more than a pack (fine, probably even more than a carton), but if you start with quality gear it’ll more than pay for itself in the long run. I vape a lot, and my current set up cost about 60 USD to get started, and I spend around 10 – 15 bucks a week to keep it running – as opposed to the 35 bucks a week I was spending on cancer-sticks (that’s about a pack a day in my rural Virginia town, and it’s even more expensive to buy smokes in other places in the country – yikes!).

3. You Control What You’re Putting Into Your Body

There’s around 4,000 chemicals in a traditional cigarette, many of which are terrible for you. But with e cigs, if you purchase quality equipment and e juice, you will take ownership of what you’re putting into your body. If you buy e juice from a reputable vendor, you’ll inhale a substance with 4 ingredients: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine, and food grade flavoring. Sure, not inhaling anything is probably better than inhaling something, but there’s no denying that vaping is exponentially less dangerous than smoking cigarettes.

4. Vaping Tastes Great and It’s Fun

With all of the different e juices on the market, I’m sure that you’ll be able to find quite a few that you really enjoy – even more than smoking. I’ll be honest, you won’t be able to find anything that tastes exactly like your favorite pack of reds – but with all the amazing flavors, why would you even want to? As an added bonus, for many people (myself included), vaping has become more than just a means to a smoke free end. It doesn’t have to, but vaping could turn into a really fun hobby. Since vaping became more of a hobby for me, I found that it made quitting cigarettes even easier. With all of the different types of equipment and DIY materials/techniques, you can learn all about electricity, how to make your own e juice, or how to make your own equipment at home and save even MORE money, so you can make it rain!

5. Vape Inside Your Home and Car and Smell Great Doing It

While we don’t advocate vaping anywhere you want in public, there are still a lot of areas where you can vape where you shouldn’t be smoking cigarettes. Gone are the days where I had to huddle outside in the frigid cold just to get my nic fix. Instead, I can vape in the comfort of my own home sitting contently on my worn in spot on the sofa. My landlord doesn’t care, I don’t smell like cigarettes, and its not damaging my electronics.

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Okay You Sold Me, but What the Heck is an Electronic Cigarette Anyway?

We’ll go over this in more depth in future chapters of our guide, but all e cigs are comprised of the following three components:

1. The Battery

Batteries come in all different shapes and sizes. They might look like convincing doppelgangers of traditional cigarettes, or take the form of monstrous box and cylindrical contraptions that look more like science experiments than cigarettes.

2. Some Sort of Atomizer That Screws Onto the Battery

Atomizers come in all different shapes and sizes. However, their function (regardless of the form) is the same. The battery makes the atomizer get hot so your e juice becomes delicious vapor.

3. E  Juice That transforms Into Vapor

There are a lot of different vendors out there (some good, some bad), but most e juice vendors use the following ingredients: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine, and food grade flavorings.

So How Do I get started?

Just, pick out your equipment and go! Okay, okay, you should probably do some research to decide what’ll work best for you – but that’s why we’re here. We’ll go over everything from the history of vaping, how to vape, dive into the different types of equipment, and more. If you have any questions about anything, just check out the relevant chapter of this guide or check out our blog. We’re passionate about all things e cig here at Vapex, and we’re stoked that you chose to take this journey with us.

The Makeup of a Basic E-cig

The Battery (Ego Style)

The Battery (Ego Style)

The Atomizer

The Atomizer

The E-Liquid

The E-Liquid