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Innokin Releases MVP 2.0 Shine Line: Bonus Lily Sneak Peak

Ladies, Prepare to Get Your Bling-Bling On!

Lady vapers can finally rejoice. Innokin just released their new MVP 2.0 Shine Line and released some teaser pictures of the Lily (which should be released soon). Now, the ladies can finally get a quality mod with personality, without having to purchase wraps. I have no hand-eye coordination, I know that messing with wraps will probably end in heartbreak, disaster, and wasted precious money (I can’t deny that there are plenty of people who have better coordination than I do and have had great success with them – I’m just not one of those people).

I love my MVP 2.0 but…

While I love it’s ease of use, portability, battery life, ohm checker, vv/vw settings, and durability,  there weren’t any existing color options/designs that I really felt drawn to. Let’s face it, the current e cig market is dominated by dudes with huge bulky industrial looking mods that look like they’re compensating for their – well, you know what I’m talking about. But it’s a fact, there are a lot of female cigarette smokers out there who are looking for ways to stop. However, many lady smokers are are intimidated by the look and style of a lot of the e cigs currently offered.

It looks like Innoken is (rightfully) addressing the current hole in the market by showing a little love to the ladies. Aside from offering an assortment of different colors, they’ve imprinted some bangin’ designs with oh so shiny blingy Swavorski Elements. Hence the Shine Line name; clever, right?

A Quality Mod With a Fresh New Look

Sure,  there’s always the controversy about  products clearly designed for men that are only re-labeled as a women’s products because  they slapped on a coat of pink paint. But to be totally honest, I really appreciate the fact that Innokin is releasing the MVP 2.0 (an established quality mod with an amazing reputation) with different color/design options.

There are way too many companies marketing sturdy/durable products for men, while marketing cheap-o flimsy plastic alternatives for us girls. Any lady who has used a shaving razor probably witnessed this first hand. Why do we get the chintzy plastic razors while the guys get the nice metal ones. Do you hear me Gilette?!? Give me a damn colorful Fusion! (sorry, I got carried away – I know this isn’t

The Lily is rumored to be more than a fancy design.

The Lily is rumored to be a revolutionary mod that’s specifically designed for the lady vaperistas. While there’s no word on the actual technical specs of the Lily, Innokin is known as one of the best manufacturers of e cigs in the market, so I’m pretty sure the Lily won’t be a limp-wristed alternative (but if it is, we’ll totally let you know).

Enough talk, let’s take a look at these beauties.

Shine Line

The new MVP 2.0 Shine designs look absolutely sunning. I absolutely love the vivid colors and the strategic placement of the bling – without being too overwhelming. My favorite is definitely the bright pink sugar skull design; it’s girly, delightfully edgy, and  speaks to my personal style. However, there’s a variety of options to choose from: the black criss-cross pattern for the elegant woman, the snowflakes for the girly, yet not too girly girls out there, and that bold butterfly that just screams GIRL POWER!

Don’t worry boys, there’s a pretty sweet design for you too.

I know that there are a few dudes out there who might be envious of that bad-ass sugar skull, but aren’t quite willing to rock the pink (even though real men wear pink – just sayin’). But don’t worry, Innokin recently announced that they’ve released an extremely limited black sugar skull edition. I have to admit, the black sugar skull looks absolutely gorgeous, err, manly.

Black Manly Sugar Skull

While the black Sugar Skull still has the Swavorski accents, it’s a pretty bad-ass design that’s totally gender neutral. However, you don’t just have to take my word on it. I showed the design to my macho man of a husband (he loves modifying cars, fighting people in cages, and watches Rambo on repeat – much to my dismay)  and he really digs the black sugar skull.

But what if I want one of the designs with a different background color?

As it stands right now, these are the only color/pattern combinations. However, if there’s enough interest, Innokin insinuated that they might release more options. There’s even rumors that Innokin is thinking about holding a contest where the public can submit and vote on their favorite designs.

Okay, just shut up and tell me who will take my money.

Stop throwing money at your computer screen –  it’s only creating a mess that you’ll have to pick up later. Instead, check with your favorite authorized Innokin vendor to see if they’re selling any of the MVP 2.0 Shine designs. If they’re not, call them up and ask them why they hate women – just kidding (kind of).

I’ve waited long enough, what about the Lily?

While there’s no official release date of the Lily, that didn’t stop Innokin from releasing some teaser images. Here’s a sneak peak:


This picture was taken at the Tobacco Plus Expo in Las Vegas. If you look at the four mods in the very front of the case, you’ll see that it looks like the Lily is a pen mod with some sort of coordinated header (though it’s unclear if it’s a cartomizer, atomizer, or clearomizer).

If you look closely, you’ll see that there are Swavorski elements around the collar where the header meets the actual battery:

Lilly Close Up

Since the Lily isn’t released yet, there’s the possibility that the finished product might not look exactly like the images displayed above – but there’s no official statement either way. Once we have more information, we’ll definitely let you know.

The time of the lady vaperista is finally upon us.

It’s about frikkin’ time! The new MVP 2.0 designs look great, and I’m excited to find out what’s inside of the Lily. Hopefully, more e cig manufacturers will follow suit and start creating mods with the ladies in mind. We comprise around half of the world’s population, there’s no reason to ignore us any longer. I am woman, watch me vape. Boom, roasted!

Disclaimer: I’m not paid or obligated to positively tout Innokin’s products. I’m just a simple lady vaper whose expressing her honest opinions about their new (and soon to be released) products.  So put your pitchforks away and relax.

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