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Is the ProVari Worth it?

For a long time, the Provari by Provape has been considered the “Cadillac” of regulated mods. I know this because I saw the hand-drawn sign at my local vape shop. If that’s not proof, I don’t know what is. But the Provari’s once-dominant design is several years old, and in the fast-moving world of electronic cigarettes, this Cadillac is starting to look a bit run-down.

As a new generation of regulated devices begin to find its way into our juice-soaked mitts, the question is often raised, “is the Provari still worth it?” It has always been on the high side of the cost curve, but newer DNA-chip mods are redefining what a high-end regulated mod should do, while raising the expectations of those willing to shell out $200 for a PV.

What’s so Great About the ProVari, Anyway?

The Provari’s main selling points were – and still are – high-quality USA construction paired with an advanced power regulating chip. (Without going into too much detail, the way Provape’s chip metes out voltage creates a consistent, smoother vape than your typical Vamo or SID). It’s a sturdy, reliable, and highly functional piece of gear.

While the build quality of a Provari remains unmatched, the regulating chip is showing its age. It was designed at a time when variable voltage was good enough. But today’s vapers are increasingly demanding variable wattage as an option – even a preferred method. (For a primer on vv/vw, click here.) Furthermore, instant coil resistance and battery level indicators are the new norm. And the question is now more valid than ever – if I’m paying $200 for a device, shouldn’t I be getting a little more? Why can’t I just thread my atomizer and go?

The Provari’s strictly-vv chip requires the user to check coil resistance, then select an appropriate voltage level that will produce voluminous vapor, while not burning the shit out of it. Newer vw devices do the math for you. Just set the wattage you desire and unleash the clouds.

In addition, the newest generation of power regulating chips will fire sub-ohm coils (down to a reasonable .5 ohm). The aging Provari will not fire an atomizer with a resistance below 1.0 ohm, which is frustrating for advanced users who often build sub-ohm coils for mechanical mods and want to be able to employ them on their regulated devices. If you regularly switch between a mech and a Provari, like I do, you essentially need to have two sets of atomizers: sub-ohm and uber-ohm.

The Question Remains: Is the Provari Worth it?

Yes, it is. For now. The venerable Provari still has a few advantages over newer competitors. The main thing is you can walk into a store today and buy one (or order online and have it shipped to you next day). There simply is no other option close to it in quality with the same level of instant availability. The wonderful new range of DNA-enabled mods are notoriously hard to find. If you’re not a dedicated hobbyist with a few connections, your chances of finding a Hana Modz or Opus D is very, very low. They just don’t mass-produce them. And you can forget about a Fluid Cyborg or Mamu. In other words, the Provari is quality vaping for the masses (the masses with $200 to spare).

The Provari has also built up an extensive ecosystem over the last few years. There are plenty of Provari accessories that simply don’t exist for the newer devices.

Finally, you can run over the damned thing with a truck and it’ll still perform. It’s hard to overstate the importance of this. Vapers tend to drop things (lower your nic level, Shakes the Vaper!). And most regulated mods can’t take that kind of abuse. I’m looking right at YOU, eVic. (And that’s probably a bad idea, because just looking at the eVic wrong is known to cause it to break in half.)

If a friend asked me today (assuming money is not a concern) what mod I recommended, I would still say, “Provari.” A new or intermediate-level vaper who simply wants to run an Aerotank or carto will do great with a Provari. It remains the best combination of features and quality for the vaper who can afford it, and is still the most reliable mod I’ve ever used. That’s why it remains one of my daily carries, despite newer, better options.

But time is running out for Provape. They have never released a significant upgrade to the Provari (their new models focus mostly on color and texture variations), and the rest of the vaping world is primed to lap them. There will be a mass-produced DNA-like vv/vw chip sooner rather than later. The eVic was close. When that happens, the flood of sub-$100 devices with better features and “good enough” quality will end the Provari’s reign. Unless they debut a significant variable wattage device – and soon – that once-shiny Cadillac will find itself on the used car lot.

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  1. A provari is still a provari. Ive had a few other vv vw devices, they have all failed on me. Both my provaris are going as strong as day one. And my wife uses them and she is so hard on everything. Its true they cant keep up with the dna 20 or 30. Do they have to they are provari. Im not playing favourites I just remember where I came from and who was there. Provari keep on rockin.

    • I think you’re spot on, Jesse. I love my DNA mods, but a Provari is always a part of my daily carry. I just know it’s going to fire. Reliability is a big deal.

  2. A provari is still a provari. Ive had a few other vv vw devices, they have all failed on me. Both my provaris are going as strong as day one. And my wife uses them and she is so hard on everything. Its true they cant keep up with the dna 20 or 30. Do they have to they are provari. Im not playing favourites I just remember where I came from and who was there. Provari keep on rockin. And one more thing. Half the people that vape cant even handle rebuilds so keep that in mind

  3. What kind of tank and tip is that in the picture. I love ProVari and I want mine to look exactly like that one in your picture.

    • Hey Joey, the tank is an AGA T2, the drip tip looks like it is from DNV: (French) and the Provari has a beauty ring on it as well. Hope that helps.

  4. I have it on very good authority(pBusardo) that a VW provari is due to be out within the next few months. My recommendation if you want a Provari is to wait a bit. Provapes will not release an update until ALL the bugs are out. Patience my friends, patience. Quality takes time.

  5. I have so many pc’s, its almost stupid. I just like trying new stuff and as a hobby as well as a smoking cession device, I just keep buying new stuff. Mostly I buy tanks but I asked myself a question just lately. “If Vaping is keeping me from paying $7.00 a pack, twice a day, can’t I afford to get a real nice set up? Well I did my research and did not find much on the Prover, until I came across a nice youtube video with Zen talking about House of Hybrids and what then did for Provape. I saw the new Kabuki tank and became interested. Then I followed suite to the Provape website. I saw the Radius and that was it. I really like the P3 but the Radius has a P3 connection. I bought a nice plain Kabuki P3 and a Radius PV. I am sorry but its shocking every day at the performance I get from this combination and the Radius has everything in the chip that I am interested in. Temp control is not an interest of mine. The boost feature of the P3 and the Radius is just so nice, it makes every draw full and dense and really nice. Like I said, I have almost every other PV from every other manafactuer …..nothing come close to the massive smoothness of the Kabuki and the Solid,..really Solid build of the Raidus. I really want a P3 with a Kayfun4. Thats $159 for the Kayfun and $219 for the P3 I like. $378 thats a lot of cash and even though I make my own e-juice the Prover and Kabuki perform much better with high quality e-juie, so far it works the best with 5 pawns, Cutwood not so much. I use a bit of Centerfold and Predator juices for the economic benefits, but I also use Cosmic Fog and others. You would not believe how much Premium e-juice I threw away before I learned about steeping. Five Pawns Gambit smelled and tasted like Five Pawns throw-up before I steeped it three weeks. Prover is the best and we need a BEST. Like an AUDI or Porsche maybe not a Ferrari or a Lamborghini but your truly speaking the truth about running over the Prover and it still preforming. I was crying when my stupid evil-supreme broke. It hurt. I need the Kayfun4 but I can’t find one besides the one not the Provape website thats never out of stock. I just want a clone to mess with first. If you have a suggestion let me know and I love you site its really classy and very nice. THANKS!

  6. My P3 dropped 2 feet onto a hardwood floor and was dead. It was 2 weeks past the 1 year warrantee but Provape fixed it no questions asked. Now, here is the thing. In this day and age of MODS the Provari is NOT worth the money. The newest Provape just came out and only goes up to 50 watts! I can buy 6 Cumboid Minis for the same price as one new Provari and the Cuboid Mini goes up to 80 watts. The Provari is made in the USA and the quality is there. It all comes down to what you want and how much money do you have to spend.

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