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My Favorite Atomizer & Mod Clones

I’m not here to fan the flames of the clone debate. Whether you loathe or love clones, they’re here and they’re here to stay. So I’d like to point out some of the better knock-offs I’ve had the pleasure of using over the last year. Because if there’s anything worse than a knock-off, it’s a shitty knock-off.

EHPro Kayfun Lite+ Atomizer


What it is
A 1:1 clone of the King of the RBAs, the Kayfun Lite+.

Why I Like it
Everybody makes Kayfun clones these days. But EHPro makes the best Kayfun clones. Yes, even better than the Russian 91%. The first few rounds of the EHPros were good, but the newest are practically perfect. Plus, the packaging is better and they give you more goodies. All for 1/3 the price of an authentic Kayfun Lite+, and less than half the cost of a Russian 91%.

ToBeCo Aqua Atomizer


What it is
The Aqua was supposed to be the Kayfun Killer. I’m sure you heard it: “Better Flavor! More Vapor! Better Airflow!” But after some initial excitement, it’s been mostly forgotten.

Why I Like it
OK, so the Aqua never really became the revolutionary atty it was supposed to be. But that doesn’t mean it’s not great. It is, if you possess two things: the patience to build it right, and $180. What? Yeah, that’s what the authentic ones go for. Yes, I bought one, and yes, I’m kinda pissed about it, because the ToBeCo clone is just about the same thing for the price of a couple cocktails.

AIOS Atomizer


What it is
The authentic AIOS is a tank system that uses gravity to deliver juice to your coil via mesh or SS cable. Think of an upside-down gennie. It works damn well, but is only available as a Chi You hybrid.

Why I Like it
The real ones are near impossible to find and too expensive to be limited to only using with a Chi You. This $16 clone gives me the opportunity to mess around with one of the best and most unique tank systems out there without spending a fortune.

Taifun GT Atomizer


What it is
Imagine a hybrid of a Kayfun and an RDA (or a Fogger that actually works).

Why I Like it
Taifun GT atomizers cost around $180 and only sold in Europe. That pretty much puts me out of the market for a genuine one. And that’s a damned shame, because I believe the Taifun is the only RBA that can give the Kayfun a run for its money today. It’s a damned good system that hasn’t become very popular, and I can’t understand why (read more about the Taifun GT in my review of RBAs here).

Immortalizer RDA


What it is
An odd dripper. It’s designed for use with flat ribbon kanthal and has limited airflow options.

Why I Like it
Despite the Immortalizer’s limitations, it still delivers the best flavor of any RDA I’ve ever used. (But you wanna make clouds? Forget it.) I liked it so much I bought the real thing (a standard practice for me when I find a clone I really, really like). And upon building the real thing, I discovered that the $12 clone is damn near as good as the $80 authentic. I hate when that happens.

Astro Mechanical Mod


What it is
A versatile, solid telescoping mechanical mod with a great 510 connector.

Why I Like it
Well-made from good materials with excellent fit and finish. A flexible all-around mod that can do pretty much anything you wanted for around $20. This was the best fasttech mod clone I’d ever had. Until…

Panzer Mechanical Mod


What it is
A badass. That’s what it is.

Why I Like it
I have to admit I’ve never used a real Panzer, but I’ve read numerous reports that this thing is nearly perfect. It feels solid enough to batter down a drug lord’s reinforced front door and it hits about the same. Low voltage drop, excellent threads, accurate machining. It’s pretty damned awesome.

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