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Wismec Reuleaux RX200s Box Mod Review in Pictures

The Good / The Bad / The Bottom Line

Wismec Reuleaux RX200S

The Good

The RX200s has battery life for days, it comes with a magnetic battery plate to easily and quickly swap in new batteries, and has 200W of power.

The Bad

It’s a bit heavier and bulkier than most box mods and the 510 connection feels a bit wobbly.

The Bottom Line

A really solid box mod for beginners and experts alike. If you find yourself running low on battery constantly, this thing is a must. The color combos are pretty awesome and it fits really nice in your hand. Oh, if you like skinny jeans, you might not be able to fit it in your pocket.




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Arguably the most popular box mod ever built. I mean who doesn’t have one? 200 watts? Check. 3 batteries? Check. Pretty much indestructible? Check.

The Wismec Reuleaux RX200s is a beast of an e-cig. Can you even call it an e-cig? I think we’ll call it a fog machine from now on.

JayBo, the original creator of the Tobh atty, co-designed the RX200s with China based, Wismec.

It’s a hefty and kinda bulky box mod but it really sits in your hand nicely. Although for it to fit 3 18650 batteries, it’s smaller than you might think. I have larger than normal hands and I can easily wrap my hand around the mod.

Although if you have Donald Trump hands you could have an issue.

My trigger finger perfectly aligns with the firing button and at 9mm in diameter it’s big enough so that your finger doesn’t swallow the button. (I’m not sure how a finger can swallow a button, but you get the idea.)

Unpacking the RX200S

The RX200S comes in a pretty good looking black cardboard box, it’s got your standard manual, and a usb charging cord. The charging cord really shouldn’t be used to charge your batteries. Get an external battery charger. It’s way faster and safer for your batteries and the mod.

The manual is written in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Russian. It covers the basic specs, how to use the onboard electronics, the alerts you might run into and some safety precautions. Not bad Wismec, not bad. Compared to some other Chinese manufacturers, Wismec did a pretty nice job on the manual. I think it’s easy enough for a beginner to understand.

RX200S Electronics and Settings

The RX200S has 5 different modes.

  1. VW – Variable Wattage
  2. TC-Ni – Temperature Control Nickel
  3. TC-Ti – Temperature Control Titanium
  4. TC-SS – Temperature Control Stainless Steel
  5. TCR – Temperature Coefficient of Resistance

Variable Wattage is probably what most vapers are used to. Throw in a Kanthal based coil, set the wattage, and start vaping. The RX200S can go from an impractical and unusable 1 Watt to an also impractical and unusable for most, 200 Watts.

Temperature Control Nickel is used when you have a nickel based coil head and the RX will set some presets for you. You can then set the temperature from 200 degrees F to 600 degrees F.


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    This mod is amazing in almost every way. It fits in my hand nicely but is pretty bulky in my pocket. I get about a half day use out of it but maybe my batteries are starting to die. Looks pretty bad ass and has plenty of power if I ever want to blow clouds. I’ve got a herakles mini on it and it works well. I wish it would charge faster though.

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