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Shop Master Vape’s e Juice: 12 Juice Review

Let’s talk about Shop Master Vape’s juices, and by talking about their juice I mean that I’m going to tell you how great (or not) they taste. I ordered 12 different flavors (yeah, you heard me right I said 12 freaking flavors – can’t help myself, I love having variety). I couldn’t help myself, I tried them as soon as I got them – can you blame me?

For the tasting extravaganza I used some of my trusty bridgeless atomizers. I know a lot of vapers are judging me for using atomizers that seem archaic and out-of-date, especially when there’s a whole world of RBA, RDA, and RSST products available out there – but just hear me out for a second. I know my way around a re-buildable device and own plenty of them. After tasting around, I can say with certainty that a plain old bridgeless atomizer provides the best flavor, hands down. Plus, as an added bonus, they’re extremely easy to use and you can switch flavors on the fly. So if you haven’t already, get one, try your juice with it, and then get back to me. They are classic for a reason.

Now back to the juice.

Shop Master Vape is phenomenal. I don’t mean that in a way to suggest that their juice is the best in the world, or that their juices are so full of subtlety that they’re impossible to describe. They are phenomenal because most of their juices taste exactly like they say they do. And I mean that literally: not similar, not close, not too sweet – most of their juice flavors taste ex-freakin-actly as advertised.

The perfect, exactly as advertised, flavors.

Strawberry Ice Cream: Their Strawberry Ice Cream tastes just like a pint of strawberry ice cream that you’d pick up from the store. And I don’t mean that it tastes like the cheap stuff. No, it tastes like the expensive ice cream that comes in little containers with crazy names with high price tags. When I vape this with my eyes closed, I can’t help but get a bit confused  because I keep wondering where the strawberry chunks are. It’s that good.

10 out of 10 on the flavor-to-description scale.

Strawberry Banana: Like strawberries and bananas? Strawberry Banana has your back. It seriously tastes like you’re taking a bite out of a freshly picked strawberry. And the banana flavor? Spot on! It’s not too green, not too ripe – it’s just right. Tastes just like a banana, a day and half after turning from green to yellow.

10 out of 10 on the flavor-to-description scale. Get used to this score, you’ll see more of them.

Old Time Root Beer: Old Time Root Beer is a full flavor root beer, reminiscent of those barrel-shaped root beer candies. Not too sweet, not too bland. It’s the perfect mix of flavor, and it is right on. There are no hints of anything extra – it’s just the same comforting familiar root beer flavor that you love.

10 out of 10 on the flavor-to-description scale. Another perfect flavor.

Poppin’ Cherries: Growing up, my mom and I used to get these red sour cherry chewy candies that you can still sometimes find every now and then at specialty shops. We loved them because they didn’t taste like candy. Instead, they were a perfect combination of sweet and sour – with a fresh red cherry flavor.  Shop Master Vape’s Poppin’ Cherries is a spot-on re-creation. You heard me, I said re-creation. Even if it wasn’t intentional, the flavor hits the nail on the head and sends me back into that sweet and sour cheery poppin’ nostalgic haze.

11 out of 10 on the flavor-to-description scale. I had to switch this one all the way up to 11. Wonderful flavor with a huge blast of nostalgia.

Peach Tea: Their Peach Tea is an excellent blend of sun-brewed tea and peaches. It tastes exactly as it sounds – enough said.

10 out of 10 on the flavor-to-description scale. What can I say? Like peaches? Like tea? This is your juice.

Black Coffee: Take your coffee black, but can’t drink it and want to taste it again? Try their Black Coffee flavor for that perfect freshly brewed taste.

10 out of 10 on the flavor-to-description scale. If only this came with caffeine.

Banana Cream: Like creamy flavors, especially those married with banana? This juice is for you.

10 out of 10 on the flavor-to-description scale. Like cool whip and bananas.

Lemon Drop: Like lemon heads? This juice tastes exactly like the first 45 seconds of sucking on a lemon drop, you know, when the flavor is the most intense.

10 out of 10 on the flavor-to-description scale. Old school candy win right here.

Now for the juices that I could easily let go.

First up are the tobacco blends that I hoped would do themselves justice: Appalachian Blend, Black River Blend, and Zanzibar.

The Appalachian Blend is supposed to be rich wintergreen tobacco. I didn’t see it. I picked up this flavor (even though I am not a fan of wintergreen) because I thought I could make it work (and hoped my wife would like the scent of the vapor this one produced as she LOVES anything with wintergreen in it). Now even though I am not a fan of wintergreen, I vaped this flavor pretty easily. Pretty easy since there was only a hint of wintergreen with a bit of a sarsaparilla taste, but no tobacco.

3 out of 10 on the flavor-to-description scale. Not a terrible juice, the wintergreen was extremely palatable for me, but it just didn’t deliver what was promised.

The Black River Blend was supposed to be mildly sweet tobacco. I didn’t get that impression at all from this flavor. It tasted slightly musty to me, and I didn’t pick up on the sweetness or tobacco flavor at all.

1 out of 10 on the flavor-to-description scale. I really can’t describe how off the mark this flavor was. With all of the flavor hits they have, such a big miss here seems rather tragic. Just don’t use it against them, the majority of their juices are a juice goldmine.

Zanzibar is their name for a tobacco and clove inspired flavor. I was hoping that it would be a bit like clove cigarettes. Sadly, the clove flavor, which was a freshly ground clove, was far too overpowering. Even after steeping heavily.

3 out of 10 on the flavor-to-description scale. Clove? Yes. Clove and tobacco? Sadly, no.

Mint Julep was also a flavor failure for me. The mint in this juice simply overpowered every other potential flavor. I threw this juice into a RBA and a clearomizer in the hopes that having the flavor muted would reduce the mint enough for the other flavors to shine. But alas, no such luck. It was still too minty in the RBAs. It was even too minty in the clearomizer, not as strongly minty to be sure, but no other flavors surfaces.

3 out of 10 on the flavor-to-description scale. This has the mint of it’s name in spades, but no bourbon nor any sweetness that I can catch. Hence it’s low score.

My final judgement.

It was a shame to see 4 out of 12 flavors from the same company simply be so far off the mark compared to how perfectly the other 8 hit the mark right in the bulls-eye.  However, with that said, I love the first 8 flavors and there’s no way that I’ll give these flavors away – or even sell them because they are delicious and the flavor is consistent from the first puff to the very last. When I vape my favorite flavors around others, everyone sniffs the air and asks what what the heck smells so good. Even though I didn’t like 4 of the 12 flavors, the 8 that I did like were amazing enough for me to confidently recommend Shop Master Vape’s to anyone whose looking for some great e juice… just maybe not the tobacco-based ones.

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