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Six Seasonal eLiquids to Vape Through the Holidays

Whether you’re bashing skulls on Black Friday, suffering through a family gathering of total strangers, or confused and shivering in a snow bank after a lost weekend of debauchery, it’s nice to partake in seasonal flavors this time of year. And with each year the list grows. Here’s a few to jingle your bells, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Bumble Bee Vapor – Ode to Ichabod

What they claim: “All the sweet and savory flavors of autumn, including pumpkin, vanilla, caramel, and a light spice, to create a devilishly delicious fall blend.”

So how does it taste? This is a respectable representation of a pumpkin pastry, but I find it a bit muted. If you’re someone who doesn’t like overly powerful or grossly sweet juices, this is your pumpkin head. I enjoy the carmel and vanilla undertones, but give be more of that, please. It’s good, but the blend is not quite there. I actually prefer this one in a tank, rather than a dripper, for some reason.

Holiday Juice Rating: Four and 1/2 golden rings.

Seduce Juice – Peppermocha Latte

What they claim: “Peppermocha Latte will make you think you’re sipping on your favorite coffee shop’s famous holiday treat with it’s warm, creamy chocolate and coffee blend, mixed with just the right amount of sweet peppermint.”

So how does it taste? The ad copy nailed it. This is as close as you can get to a peppermint mochaccino drink without dumping some sugary coffee in your tank (don’t try it. It doesn’t work). I’m not big on menthol, but time and time again, Seduce has shown they can do menthol right. A welcome visitor from faraway minty lands.

Holiday Juice Rating: My bells are sufficiently jingled.

Boosted – Rear Diff

What they claim: “Somewhere between a rich, creamy pumpkin pie, and a pumpkin spice latte, Rear Diff captures the very essence of the holidays in taste, aroma, and even the warm, fuzzy feeling you’ll get while vaping it.”

So how does it taste? Rear Diff (despite its odd name) is easily my favorite holiday flavor. There’s simply no contest. This is one I would vape winter, spring, summer or fall. Reminiscent of a pumpkin cupcake with rich, creamy frosting, it brings out the essence of the season (eating delicious desserts), without being overpowering or tasting like a quick one-off recipe to appease the seasonal crowd. And the vapor production is fantastic. I’ll be stocking up to get me through til this one’s offered again next Fall.

Holiday Juice Rating: Dripping in a winter wonderland.

Seduce Juice – Holiday Spice Cake

What they claim: “Will remind you of your grandmother’s cooking, with it’s fresh baked, nutty cake, aromatic holiday spices, and gooey, creamy frosting.”

So how does it taste? Oh sweet Krampus, what is this dollar store spice rack shit I just inhaled!? It’s an unfocused mish-mash of vague spice, with precious little cake, and certainly no holiday cheer. The label says Holiday Spice Cake, but it’s more like Nutmeg and Lighter Fluid. A rare lump of coal from the fine folks at Seduce. They got one thing right, though – it does remind me of grandma’s cooking… when she was cooking meth.

Holiday Juice Rating: I got scrooged!

Alice in Vapeland – Punkin’ Tumble

What they claim: “A delightful pumpkin cake rolled into a sweet vape!”

So how does it taste? There’s just something odd about AiV’s juice that I have never been able to put my finger on. I was once a dedicated customer, but as my vaping tastes and habits evolved, I found there were better options for me. That’s not to say Punkin’ Tumble is bad. It’s OK. It’s fine. It’s perfectly vapeable. But there are simply better pumpkin spice flavors out there.

Holiday Juice Rating: The creepy, uninvited second cousin at the dinner table.

P.O.E.T. – Rotolo di Zucca

What they claim: “A savory, spicy pumpkin bourbon e-liquid blend that will warm the cockles of your heart.”

So how does it taste? Robust, hearty pumpkin essence with a broad bourbon streak. It’s balanced very well by a spice undertone and manages to be savory without being overly sweet. It’s got a pleasing complexity that keeps finding its way into my RDA. Drip this one for sure!

Holiday Juice Rating: It’s a Festivus miracle!

Bonus Holiday Juice Shoutout!

While not advertised specifically as a holiday juice, Birds Nest Elixir’s “Maestro” is a creamy hazelnut coffee blend with a dash of winter spices. It just so happens to go dang well with a starry winter evening.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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  1. LOL, loved your Holiday Spice Cake review! Happy holidays to ya!

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