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Speed Steeping E Juice: The Cure for a Lack of Time

Speed steeping e juice when time isn’t on your side.

Code level midnight: you’re almost out of juice – this is NOT a drill.  You furiously rush to your favorite e juice vendor’s  website and throw money at the screen. You press F5 on the shipping tracking screen over and over for days, even after the button breaks. Finally, it’s D-Day (delivery day), so you camp in front of the window and peak through the slats of your blinds until you see the delivery dude’s familiar worn out sneakers. Wearing only a dirty bathrobe and your favorite boxer shorts, you bust outside screaming with delight as you pry the package from the freaked out delivery guy’s hands. You tear into the e juice package with your teeth, like a hungry lion devouring its prey. After all this time, your e juice is in your shaking hands, glimmering like the holy grail. But then you remember, e juice tastes better with age – NOOOOOO!!

Time is the best cure, but…

Ain’t nobody got time for that! Sure, everyone knows that time is the best method for steeping juices. There’s plenty of responsible people out there who time their e-juice orders, so they receive new shipments BEFORE they’re even remotely close to running out of juice, but I’m not one of those people (and if you’re reading this, chances are that you aren’t either). Sometimes you’re limited by the timing of your paychecks, or hell, you just have no self-control and you vaped through your supply way ahead of schedule (cough..cough, that’s not me at all, cough…cough).

I know, I know, it’s better to say cured, or aged. Call it whatever you want, but what’s important is taste. The ingredients in your e juice need to break down, mingle, and mix with each-other. If you wait for this process to happen naturally, it can take days, weeks, or even months. Unless you have access to a T.A.R.D.I.S., you’ll have to help speed up the aging process or your e juice – without the use of time. The good news is, there’s a variety of methods for speed steeping e juice.

Before we get started…

Make sure you choose a steeping method that works for your e juice container. If your juice is in a glass bottle, pick any method you want. Most of these methods use heat, so if your juice came in a plastic bottle, be careful that you don’t melt the plastic. The last thing you want is to ruin your e juice by contaminating it with melted plastic – yuck! I always keep a couple of extra empty glass bottles on hand, just in case I run into this issue. Sure my vaper’s tackle box looks like an episode of hoarder’s threw up – but I always have a glass bottle if I need it. However, some of these methods are relatively safe for plastic, just use common sense.

Also, remember that taste is subjective, so I wont tell you how long you should do each method. This isn’t an exact science, we’re just shootin’ from the hip here, so taste your juices in regular intervals and stop whenever it tastes just the way you like it. However, as a general rule of thumb, speed steeping can take anywhere from a couple of hours or even a day (or two), but the hotter the steeping method, the less time you’ll probably have to wait.

Alright, enough chit-chat, let’s get started because time is precious and can’t be wasted!

Hot Rice Method

You’ll need: a microwaveable bowl, enough dry rice grains to fill the bowl, and access to a microwave.

1.  Put enough rice in the bowl so that it’ll cover your e juice bottles (but don’t put your e juice in there yet).

2. Warm up the rice in the microwave. The rice should be hot, but not skin melting hot.

3. Bury the e juice bottles in the rice. Once the rice cools down, remove the bottles and repeat the process until your juice tastes yummy.

Hot Tap Water Method

You’ll need: a water proof plastic bag (or two if you’re paranoid) and a cup/bowl.

1. Turn on the hot water tap and wait for it to get hot. If your hot water isn’t regulated, don’t let it get to skin melting temperature (unless you have a glass bottle, then you can do whatever you want).

2. Put your e juice in the waterproof plastic baggie. I’m paranoid so I double bag them. Ziplock bags are okay, but I’ve found better success using the doggy doo-doo pick up bags because I can tie them off – just make sure you use a fresh bag sans the doo-doo.

3. Put the plastic bag of e juice in the cup/bowl of hot water, and let it sit until the water cools down.

4. Repeat steps 1-3 until you’re happy with the results.

 Crock Pot Method

You’ll need: a crock pot and a plastic bag.

Optional materials: a bowl.

1. Fill up your crock pot with water.

Optional: Fill a bowl with water and put the bowl in the crock pot.

2. Put your juice in a plastic bag – double bag if you’re feeling frisky.

3. Place the juice in the crock pot (or in the bowl in the crock pot – crock-ception).

4. Turn your crock pot on the LOWEST setting, it’s most likely labeled warm.

5. Check on your e juices every few hours and keep them in the crock pot until they’ve reached optimal deliciousness.

Space Heater Method

You’ll need: a space heater with a low setting, a bowl/cup/jar large enough for your e juice containers, and a plastic bag or two.

1. Put your e juice in the plastic bag (or two, you get the drill by now).

2. Fill up your cup/jar/bowl with hot tap water. Personally, I prefer to use a large mason jar with a lid, since I have a crazy dog and clumsy husband who clonk around the house, to prevent spillage from happening – but it’s up to you.

3. Turn the heater on it’s lowest heat setting. If it has a thermostat, make sure that the heater won’t turn off on it’s own.

4. Set the juice 8-12 inches away from the heater.

5. Check  on your juice every few hours until it tastes exactly how you like it.

Hot Car Method

You’ll need: a car, a glove box, and hot weather.

1. Check to see if it’s going to be a hot day.

2. Put your e juice in the glove box and wait for a few hours.

3. ???

4. Profit – remove the juice once it tastes fantabulous.

Taking your top off is optional.

There’s a school of thought that removing the lid off your e juice helps with the taste if you feel like the juice tastes too strong or “perfumey.” If this is the case for you, whatever you do, do not remove the lid until AFTER you’re done with the steps I’ve outlined above, or you’ll have a huge freaking mess on your hands. Just keep the juice in a dark place, and let it go topless while it’s cooling down.

What’s your method for speed steeping e juice?

Do you use any of the methods I outlined, or do you have you’re own unique way of speed steeping e juice? Do you bundle your e juice up in multiple layers of socks and throw it in the dryer, or do you throw your juice in the dishwasher (seriously, if you’ve done this, we’re dying to know if this works)? We’d love for you to comment below the article and share your personal speed steeping methods with the world! If you share your amazing speed steeping method, I might even include it in the article and give you the credit! So speak up, and help your fellow vapers quickly reach taste nirvana.

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  1. Love your work Breanna 🙂

      • Hey Breanna! I know that this is a particularly old posting, but in case you still pay attention to it…
        I just wanted to comment on removing the lid for your ejuice when steeping. Nicotine starts aerosoling at about 40′ F. Nicotine plays an important role in the process of steeping, as it is what typically brings out the flavor the most. This is why juice w/ nicotine typically tastes better than juice without. It sounds gross, but the nicotine ‘rotting’ is essentially what makes the juice taste good. Since nicotine is a substance found in nature, as opposed to a chemical, it starts ‘rotting’ much faster when exposed to air as opposed to being in a concealed package. The key is to not leave it exposed to air for too long however as, like I mentioned above, it starts aerosoling at 40’F which means that if you leave it exposed for more than a couple hours a day you will have a noticably lower level of nicotine.

    • Ty for your suggestions! I’ve also done the bowl of hot water bc mine always comes in huge 102ml of juice in a plastic bottle! Now every vapor knows if u get a new flavor, u r dying 2 try it asap, & waiting 4 arrival! Mine tastes alright every time upon arrival, but nothing like when its steeped for a wk. After doing the hot water soak, I also keep it in my comphy pants at night…yes even when sleeping!!! It keeps it at body temp (always around 97-98.6 degree’s (then adding your cover heat) plus its dark. Seeps quickly with doing both steps! Ty again happy vaping”

      • Tracy,
        I LOVE the idea of “extra steeping” in the comfy pants. I will for sure try that method! Right now I’m sick, and have been more or less living in lounge pants for almost 12 weeks. Why didn’t I think of this? I could have been a super steeper on my own! LOL, now I have speed steeped lots of juice in the oven today, I for sure will carry bottles around in my pockets the next few days too – and yes, don’t have a problem sleeping with a bottle in each. Got 4 new bottles, they can alternate… 🙂

      • Omg I thought I was the only one that does this . I use hot water and then smaller bottles (30ml or less) go in the bra. Ladies all know, it’s plenty warm in there.

    • Umm these methods are very inaccurate my friend. Cool, dark places are the best for steeping. Many even steep juice by putting it in a refrigerator. I have never once heard using heat as a method to steep juice as heat thins out e-juice. The best way to steep any type of e-juice is a cool, cold dark area. Applying heat during a steeping process is very inaccurate

      • I think you need to do a bit more reading on what you’re talking about, plenty of people speed steep with various heat sources, ultrasonic devices, stir rods and hot plates, etc. While it’s perfectly fine to steep by just keeping the juice stored for weeks, many people do not or cannot wait that long if they need juice much sooner, so they use the above stated methods. Why anyone ever would steep with a fridge makes literally no sense. The cold of a fridge would PREVENT the juice from mixing and the flavors from coalescing, and only make the juice a very thick sludge that’s practically unchanged from mixing

        • I disagree with what you said about fridge steep I have done this with different batches one had been I. There close to a year and by god it’s the best I have ever had would highly recommend fridge but I also mixed it once a month as I do all mine I use a coffee froth and that speeds steeping by up to 4 times am now also trying ultrasonic that’s so good froth it ultrasonic breaks down the bubbles a month steep I have found can be done in a few days froth ultrasonic to remove bubbles works so well in my eyes ???? happy vaping ????????????

      • Agreed. I steep mine in the freezer for about a week.

      • Lol, you just stated EXACTLY why these are great methods.mbecause the heat does thin the juice letting the flavor, nicotine, and everything else fuse together. So, using heat is actually the better method especially when doing FAST STEEP. Which is what this whole article is about.

      • The different liquids in the bottle have different densities. This is why you shake the bottle to get whats sitting at the bottom mixed in with the rest. When you let a flavor steep/cure/age it allows the flavors to homogenize and naturally blend together. Heat, in this aspect, speeds up the homogenizing process and results in a faster steeping results.

      • I’m sorry but this is false. It’s true that you should store your eliquid in a cool dark place, however it will take the normal ~2wks of steeping. If you want it to steep faster you must apply temporary heat, to thin the ingredients (letting them mix faster) and, as another poster mentioned above, to “rot” the nicotine and bring out the flavor. Lots of shaking also helps.

      • When I first got a vape, I kept buying new juices that would taste like shit, than inevitably I would get out of my car ( it was the middle of summer) and When i would go back to my car alot of the juice would have evaporated out but the flavor was better by 5x easily.

      • Agree

      • Untrue because when the glycerin thins out, it’s primed for proper mixing. Adding heat is very accurate. Cooling in a refrigerator will thicken and separate the juice components.

      • That’s the point of quick steeping it, you want the liquid to be thin and the shaken so the ingredients can mix together for flavor, after that you cool it down so it becomes thicker after the flavors have come together, creating your speed steeped e liquid 😉

        • Totally agree with this!!

      • There’s important factor you’re ignoring… People use heat when SPEED steeping. Heat, not cold, gets molecules moving & speeds up the process.

        • I am with cold steeping. You just need to let try it and judge by yourself. I don’t like hot method because it make flavor gone so I shake my juice very very well, keep shaking for whole day then keep it in fridge, within hours you bring it to vape you will see how fridge does well with steeping.

  2. just letting you know i appreciated your article. you’re a funny writer, and it was extremely informative! currently dealing with a less-than-enjoyable e-juice shipment, but I know I can’t rightfully complain till it’s at the right cure state.

    • Thank you so much, I’m glad you appreciated it 🙂 I’ve had juice that tasted like assholes but after I “cured” it for a while, they ended up tasting pretty darn good!

      • Lol, assholes huh? Wow!

    • I put the bottles on top of a flat bottomed coffee pot, just enough heat to get a chemical change going, next pot of coffee same thing. Ready in 3 days.

  3. I only have to ask what are the risks and problems with nicotine being exposed to heat?

    • Well nicotine is exposed to a lot of heat when you vaporize it, but as far as steeping it, I can’t imagine any risks… probably worth a study though.

      • Nicotine will degrade after about two years, from what I understand, it does not degrade any faster from steeping! Hope that helps! 🙂

  4. Heat will decrease the nicotine level. Heat, light, and nicotine do not mix.

  5. I love this article.. You have the best writing style! I hope you don’t mind, but I am sharing it on my page.. 🙂

  6. Steeping in the hot car idea ingenious…I put some e juice in a brown paper bag on the patio in shade for a few hours and shook every hour bingo! Thank you so much!

  7. I just quick steeped 3 juices at once over a four hour period today by placing the glass bottles in a small bowl and used the keurig coffee maker to fill the bowl with water. I shook each bottle abt every 20 min. Then recycled the water back through the coffee maker. I did this process about 5 times.
    I’m testing my first bottle as I type, the chemical taste is gone and the ejuice is MUCH smoother. So far so good! Happy steeping y’all!

    • Hi Cindy,
      I just got a batch of bought juice today (also dabble in DIY’ing, but the juices from that company is yum). I couldn’t wait to try the new tastes I had bought (out of a series I have bought before), but bummer… The chemical/raw taste was horrible and very strong. I wonder if it is the PG that gives this taste, that it would have been better had it been a higher VG juice (this is 50/50)… Anyways, now it is in the oven on 40 degrees Celsius. I’ll let it sit for a few hours. This seems to me to be the easiest method when it comes to steeping. Doesn’t shake it though. I’ll try a little massager I have for that…

    • Be careful doing this because that of water will weaken your nic level

      • Be careful doing bcuz water that hot will weaken your nic level**

  8. Just thought I would let you in on another quick solution I have tried…The microwave 🙂
    1 short 3 -5 second burst of heat then shake the crap out of it and let it cool completely down…Repeat as necessary.

    • Hi, I will try this method. Did it work btw?


  9. A ultrasonic tank works just as good the vibration creates heat and also shakes for you. 🙂

  10. What is the best way to steep a candy flavor. Its called green apple gummy.

  11. I “quick steep” my juices using my faucet. It gets BOILING hot, literally, so I turn it down a little. I just take a small bowl and set my juice bottle in it, then let the warm/hot water overflow the bowl (at a VERY low water pressure!). It continuasly has warm water surrounding the bottle of juice this way. I just periodically check the smell and shake it up until I feel it is right. Works like a charm, EVERY time!

  12. My laptop has a side vent which blows out warm air, I leave the cap on the bottle, but loose, and place it on the desk next to my laptop so the fan blows hot air on it. Shake every hour or two until happy.

  13. i use the hot water way. I boil hot water add a ice cube and stir. The water should be at a temp you can quickly put your finger in. But not that you can stand the water. I put my ejuice in for 3-4 mins and shake then I let it cool over night with the caps off in a cool dark cuboard. Works great and if you want more flavor repeat. 😉

  14. Interesting article, would just like to point out that you should probably never steep a full to the brim bottle of juice using any high heat methods. The liquid could potentially expand to the point it breaks the bottle. It’s also worth noting that you shouldn’t remove the top until it is completely cool, as if the bottle has been put under pressure by expanding liquid, said liquid is likely to shoot out at you.
    I’m going to sound like a complete health and safety nut here but worth noting you need I be careful when heating glass and when handling it as it becomes more fragile

  15. Here’s a brilliant method, if you’re a bit computer savvy:

    ‘Tower’ Hard drives, and Solid State Drives especially, get quite hot, but it’s a sustained temperature i.e. no more than 1-2 degree variation as long as the computer is on.

    Open up your tower, locate your hard drive/s or solid state drive/s, place your bottle/s with the tops/lids on, on or underneath the drive/s, and leave them there for a 2-3 hours, no more.

    Because the temperature doesn’t vary, it’s dangerous to leave the bottle/s there any longer, without letting them cool for a bit.

    It shouldn’t need repeating, as computer ‘towers’ are closed, and typically there is very little light entering.

  16. A heating pad from cvs/walmart or likewise, Mine has 3 settings low, med, high.. Set mine on med and place about 9 30 mil bottles on their sides on one half of the heating pad, then fold the remaining heating pad over the half and then secure with a rubber band to hold the 2 halfs together, turn it on and let sit warm all day and night… No mess and you can to some degree control the temp. Does really well.

    • Breanna, I love your writing style. And, Scott, this was absolutely brilliant! Tried this with half of my juice and the other half I steeped in hot water for about 3 hours. This method REALLY brought out the flavor. I’m doing the half that I steeped in water earlier, in the heating pad now!

      • The real trick is to stay around 120 degrees, try not to go much above that or the nicotine begins to break down. We have some good juice for you too at our site, each order hand made, Thanks.

    • I live in Florida so I figured I would try just tossing mine in a zip lock inside a brown bag in my glove box. for a couple days. 🙂

      I just got into DIY though, so I don’t know if this will work or not.

      I had a magnetic stir plate in my home brewing equipment collection so I am looking forward to trying that out when I find a recipe I like enough to make a large batch of.

    • I use a indirect heat steamer. Indirect heat allows you to apply heat at greater lengths of time without the heat damaging what your heating.

    • i actually tried this on my own last night Scott before seeing this i used same thing heating pad from the local CVS here in NH i set it on high let my juices steep with bottle open and the tip taken off i my self folded it so that two sides of heating pad stood straight up with heavy books on each side so that bottles could be set in straight up i put them in pad when it was at high heat for about half hour let them cool and even that much made a big difference in a great way so im doing it again today for a second time to see how that works out ill keep you updated ! but with tops completely off no need to wait all day and night just up to 20 minutes at a time until the flavor is more to your liking 😉

    • Scott,
      Thanks for a GREAT tip! I put lots of new bottles (and some that has steeped a while, but was weak in taste, IMO) in my heating pad and used a cord to tie it closed. Unfortunately my heating pad has a thermostate, so I had to check it and turn it back on regularly, but these days I don’t sleep much anyways… 😉 I think I turned it back on 2-3 times during the night that day. Anyway, it really worked and made taste so much better. I also think it got rid of a sharp unpleasent taste I notice some juices have when they’re new… 🙂

      After that I have also used the oven, with the fan on – that is the easiest (if you don’t let the fan noise irritate you too much). It is very easy to set it at temperatures of down to around 40 degrees Celsius (104F). I started off with 50 degrees Celsius (122F) and let it sit for quite many hours, then turned it down to 40C and let it sit a while longer before I turned it off and let it sit until it cooled down. That is a very easy option! If I had glass bottles, I would have turned it up. Now I have ordered some glass dropper bottles to use for this, as I am just way too impatient, esp. with my DIY juices, when I have tried a new taste, I have to try it quickly… Speed steeping is for me! I think I may set the oven at 70 degrees C (158F) next time, with glass bottles. As I see it, this (or a crock pot/deep fryer) is the easiest way to control temperature… 🙂

  17. hello breanna, good too now a have a crockpot, i am new in this, just make my e juice,
    butt after steeping where you putt yours liquid in the freezer compartment or just in the livingroom??

  18. Great article I love your writing style…I have a heated blanket that I use to steep my juice just check once in a while and shake it…If im not in a huge rush ill put it on my window sill so it gets the sun during the day and cools at night it works great well since I diy I have plenty of steeped juice I never run out and dont have to wait on nobody thanks again. …

    • I’m not an e-juice expert, but I would think constant exposure to sunlight would be bad for the juice, considering everyone and their mother says to steep juice in a cold, dark place.

  19. Hi breanna I steep in the car on the way to work by putting it on th defroster vent,it works pretty good,thank you your article, was very informing!

  20. I’ve found using a “milk frothier” that I bought on EBay for $6 does great while mixing my juices. Just whip it so it’s foggy, let it sit for a few minutes until clear, then whip it again. Do this at least 3 times, and your juice will taste better.

  21. I steep mine by running it through the dishwasher. Fantastic results!!

    • how many cycles?

    • I have a steam sanitation feature on mine that I was thinking about trying out for that. 🙂

  22. Not a steeping tip but a tip nonetheless. If your arm is about ready to fall off from shaking the bottle so vigorously, this little tip works like magic for me.
    I take a plastic straw, cut it with a razor knife about 5 inches long. Then squish one end of the straw together and cut with a razor knife down the middle about a half inch from the end, rotate 90 degrees, squish it and cut again about a half inch from the end. Fold back the 4 ends you just cut and now you have a handy homemade bionic little mixing paddle. Sweet…
    Stick the other end of your straw into your cordless drill, set it on 2 for lightening fast speed, tighten up all the way, have fun and just mix your day away. Really helps to bind those flavor molecules together…Enjoy

    • I use this method, but instead of using a drill, I.use my
      Dremel tool. Much lighter and easier to control. I happen to have the wand attachment which is even easier to handle.
      Happy Vaping!!!

    • Wrap bottle in several socks and duct tape it up, throw it in the dryer for 30 min on high heat…does everything at once

  23. The best way I’ve found is finding a floor vent during winter & simply laying your bottles on the vent & using anything to prevent the air from leaving (a pillow or an upside down plastic bowl).
    This method allows u to speed-steep all day, if desired, without any maintenance.

    • Jess… So does using the stove/oven. So easy to set it to 104-120 degrees F (40-48 degrees C) and just put the bottles in on a plate in the middle of the oven. Can sit all day/night if you want to. You have good control over the heat… I’m now speed steeping a new batch (that tasted horrible right out of the bottle, real raw, chemical taste). You can just set your cell phone alarm and forget all about it until it’s done… 🙂

  24. I do the warm water faucet trick and constantly keep water flowing. Then to shake I tape the bottles to the wheels of my truck with some strong duct tape and take a lap around the block. Shakes the hell out of it lol

    • I love the idea of taping them to the truck

  25. For my method you need: a car and a sticky tape. Sellotape could fail, try to use thicker monotapes.

    I carefully fix the 20ml plastic bottles on my back tyres plates. I use enough tape to wrap the bottle onto the plate and make sure the bottle will stay fixed on the tyre plate.

    I drive 45′ in an average 70-80miles/hour.

    This way I mix PG with VG, any other way to mix those two is -I am afraid- doomed to fail.

    Driving fast coolens the bottle and this is NOT good for the flavour part of the mix.

    So then, after I finish with the drive thing, I put the bottle UNLID in a sink with hot water for 8 hours.

    Then I lid back and put bottle in a cupdraw (dark).

    I wait for as many days as the days of a month minus the concetration of the flavour in the mix. That is (eg) if I have a 7% concetration of flavour I must wait 30-7=23 days.

    The result is good, my only “complaint” is it tastes like a 50mg nicotine torpedo, very lethal stuff, up to the point I must re-evaluate my proportions lol ( I use 10ml balanced 0% nico, 8.5ml of VG-20% nico and usually 1.5 ml og flavour -usually just green apple is nice-)

    • Gotta give credit where credit is due, although I couldn’t help but laugh picturing myself untaping and my friends picking on me for being a vape head like they do now, but who hasn’t had a cigarette in 3 months….that’s right, me, one of best ideas I have read!

  26. Great article and FUN to read! I’m checking out some of your others!

    Tried steeping my juice in a pan of hot water. I have Dulce de Leche flavor and after only three pans of hot water, the taste is awesome! Took approximately four hours.
    I’m also trying the ‘heating pad’ method, but it takes longer. Can’t wait to try the Black Cherry once it’s done!

  27. Thanks for the article. For those of us new to vaping AND extremely lazy, can I just submerge my glass bottles in a large pot like the kind you make spaghetti in and bring the water to a low simmer? I have quite a few flavors I would like to see if steeping would improve but not a lot of time. The spaghetti pot could hold like 30 bottles. Also if this sounds acceptable, should I loosen the caps of the ejuice bottles? Thanks to anyone for your advice.

  28. Ok, I found a relively simple way of speeding up the natural cap off process. Simply unscrew the dripper has to be a dripper one, take a quarter and set it on its edge between the bottle rim and the dripper cap. Should hold the cap up about 1/2 inch. Now place the bottle on a window or in front of a fan, and face the quarter flat edge towards the wind. This allows the breeze or wind to direct right down into the ejuice bottle at a rapid rate. I usually shake them hard once an hour for a few hours. Seems to work pretty well for the juices that have high alchol cotent of chemically tasting. I have also used this in conjunction with the rice method, heat em up, let them air out on the window.

  29. Probably won’t be something everyone can do, but I founda great speed steeping method. I put all of my bottles into a baggy, place that baggy into a large mason jar, and toss it in my hot tub. Turn on the jets, put the cover on, and let the magic happen! Just a few short hours definitely makes a difference!

  30. For me the simplest and quickest way to steep requires 5-10 mins and a pair of hands.

    Just get the bottle and give a really good shake, then hold the bottle between your hands and generate some friction, warming up the juice and continue to shake rapidly, never fails for me. Enjoy 🙂

  31. I use a ceramic single burner hot plate. It’s perfect and heats up very fast to your desired temperature and has adjustable temperature control I keep on for an hour ( not boiling of course. ) Starting off, I take bottle that is in 2 bags, yes I’m paranoid, add to small pot when water gets to temperature I want, I lower heat and set temperature control and leave about 45minutes, cut off and around an hour total, I take bag out, shake like hell, repeat 2 more times. I’ve mastered my diy eliquid, but sure I still have things to learn because we never stop right , but save tremendous amount of money. Usually put in closet without cap for a day after, depending on how much I have in previous batch. Like all the new ideas I’ve read, all sound like they work, although some like duct taped to wheels of vehicle to make sure it gets good and shook, I will say I give you credit for that one. Creative!

  32. you forgot one key thing…. Take the cap off while steeping….

    • Hunter,
      According to everything I have read and watched (e.g. RIP Trippers on YouTube), you should NOT leave the cap off while steeping! Steeping and breathing are two different things. First you steep, then you let it breathe (if needed only, I might add)… 🙂

  33. I usually make batches of 30 mls and store this in a 60 ml glass bottle with a rubber dropper thing on top and I use a drill to steep/spin my liquid on a carpet floor. Since the liquid is spinning on the carpet, this creates friction and heat. after about 20 minutes or so, I let it sit with the cap off to air out.

    hope this helps.

  34. What about a rock polisher?

  35. I work in a hopsital so I put mine in the blanket warmer 🙂

  36. I live in Phoenix so I will just toss it in the glove box

  37. I mix my juice in glass bottles leaving the nic out till after I start the steeping. Its about 90-95% vg with a little pg and flavors of course. Then I boil water to a low boil. Just hot enough to be about a medium speed boil. Take the cap off the glass bottle, wrap foil arround the top of the bottle like a cone with the top of the bottle exposed. The foil is to keep water from making its way into the juice. Let it sit in the water for 3-5 minutes. Use a hot pad or rag to pull the bottle out, replace the lid and shake/stir till you can’t see swirls from the different chemicals mixing. Air bubbles are fine they will boil out. Put back in the boiling water for 10-15 minutes it’s important not to let the juice reach a boiling point, just hot enough to remove some of the water and any alcohol /perfumy taste as it will evaporate. Take the pot off the heat and let the bottle and water cool. Should take about 10 minutes. Once it’s at or close to room temperature, add the nicotine. The juice will still be warm enough to help integrate the nic. Place the lid on, shake/stir place in the fridge for 20 minutes or the freezer for 5. This will help thicken the juice and make for a nice cloud. Enjoy!

  38. jam/jelly method if uve ever made jelly in mason jars u pasteurize it by boiling water taking the boiling water off the burner then dropping the mason jars in it kills all bacteria in the jelly it forces a portion of air out the 2 part lid and self vacuum seals it i will be using this process for my homemade maximum vg base e juice. learned from a local company

  39. I use a indirect heat steamer. Indirect heat allows you to apply heat for greater amounts of time without affecting what it is your heating. Example smoker grill indirect heat allows the meat to be cooked over long periods of time without destroying the meat. I make juices and steep all mine to flavor before they leave.

  40. I have a wave messager,that has 2 oval shaped plastic type pads…there’s a setting that you can turn heat on…I put 1 30 to 60 ml bottle on each of the platic,heating waves messager you can adjust the speed…on med. high it will shake and heat the liquid within 5 mins…I do this 1 to 3 times a day…and it is perfect in 3 days if I do it once that day.even better when I hit it 3 times in one day (after the liquid is sum what transparent again) I noticed a color change and stronger flavor .the first day I put it on the pads for 5 mins. I haven’t found a better method yet

    • I have a wave messager,that has 2 oval shaped plastic type pads…there’s a setting that you can turn heat on…I put 1-30 to 60 ml bottle on each of the platic,heating waves messager you can adjust the speed…on med. high it will shake and heat the liquid within 5 mins…I do this 1 to 3 times a day…and it is perfect in 3 days if I do the method once a day…even quicker when I hit it 3 times in one day (after the liquid is somewhat transparent again) I noticed a color change and stronger flavor the first day I put it on the pads for 5 mins. I haven’t found a better method yet….I forgot to add that I strap the bottles to the pads using 3 thick rubber bands for each pad…and only use plastic bottles to be safe…the wave messager can move at sonic speeds

  41. I put 30ml in 2 socks. Put bottle in first sock wrap it up then put it in second sock & roll it up Then put in dryer & set it on med low heat for 15 min. Works good for me. Make sure you have sum thick socks!!

  42. So after reading the article and everyone’s comments I was trying to figure out which method would work best for me. That’s when I realized I have a bunch of candle warmers I bought really cheap at Walmart. So I took a glass of hot water from the sink, put in 3 of my 15ml bottles and set the glass on top of the warm candle warmer. This is my first time making ejuice although I’ve been vaping for almost 2 years now. So wish me luck I hope it works! Thanks for the article!

  43. Funny enough I use hot tap water in a Tupperware container, I then duct tap a vibrator to the side and walk away. Do this a few times until its at room temp and wallah 3 week steep.

  44. I heat up water in microwave, put bottles in vacuum seal bag and leave it in bowl of hot water in the microwave until water cools.

  45. Hearing all these suggestions… I wonder if anyone tried taking the washing machine for a warm spin…maybe an extra spin… Cycle

  46. Great article, im new to vapeing and just bought a sample pack so im very happy I read you’re how quick steep. Id rather not have to break down and buy a pack of cigs while Im waiting for my juice to taste the way id like it to. Thank you

  47. Super out-dated, but I found this article awesome! I didn’t read every comment, but wanted to share my method – a baby bottle warmer – thermostatic control, drop a thermometer in it, lock it at 140-150 degrees – done

  48. I’m new to all of this. And I haven’t read all the comments so I don’t know what has been tried and what hasn’t.
    Iv been vaping for a while but always just bought my juice from local stores. Just recently I decided to buy online due to saving money. So, I get my juice in the mail. Me being to impatient to steep it, I try it right away. It taste very perfumy. I started off just trying a water bath as many have mentioned. But I didn’t want to wait that long either. Instead I decided to put it on one of my heating vents. It helps that it’s cold outside. I left the bottles on the vent all night, going back occasionally to open them and shake them up. Today I try the liquid and it’s awesome. The perfume taste is gone. I know it’ll only get better from here but I’m impressed with how quickly it worked. The heat in my house gets pretty hot so others experiences will very I’m sure, but it worked for me. And I’m ok if the heat takes the nicotine down a bit.

  49. I like the crock pot idea do you leave the lid on?

  50. Hye y’all! Just a quick one, anyone tried using a hair dryer on a juice in a glass bottle? Will it work? I think I’ll try as soon as i get back from the holidays.

  51. Such a hilarious depiction, I love it, I have read multiple times, can’t stop chuckling like a little

  52. I use a neck wrap (it is filled with insta-beads) after heating it up in the microwave. Wrap it around the bottle(s) until it cools. Shake and repeat a few times depending on your taste buds. Works great.

  53. Whenever I’m making a small batch I shake it like crazy then leave it on the radiator for a day, shaking about three or four times in the process

  54. As this is the first time I’ve ever been in this situation *cough cough * I look forward to using a few of these methods … As I have a juice that requires a few weeks of steeping I hope my 240 mls can last a few hours for proper steeping *cough cough *

  55. I decided to use an old baby milk warmer that I can set to 70 degrees Celsius. Most parents have one at home and should fit 3 30ml bottles.

  56. I take really hot baths, so I will usually double or triple bag a bottle or several in plastic bags and then just let them float in the water with me until the water gets cold.

  57. I don’t know where I read this, but some expert, I think someone from Atmos Labs or some other juice/flavor company once said that heat is REALLY, REALLY bad for juices. It basically kills the flavor.
    What I do (and I keep it as simple as even possible), when I mix my juices I always put my bottle under warm (not hot!!) tap water and shake the bejeezus out of it. I also open them occasionally to let air in. I would never use a microwave or similar.
    Some flavors, like fruity flavors, strawberry etc. I don’t really care for lot of steeping although I still mix all my juices with the warm tap water running over the bottle. It dissolves much better like that.

  58. I use a heat gun from harbor freight. Turn it on low, set it on my concrete porch, move the 30ml glass bottles just far enough away to get the heat right. I normally heat them for 5 minutes, allow to cool, shake like hell and repeat 2 more times for a total of 3 heat/cool cycles. The heat gun can get the concrete really hot, so make sure you check the distance and use gloves to handle the glass in case it got too hot. On a good day with a slight breeze this works REALLY well. I don’t usually worry about top on or off. I just seal it up, get it warm and cool and shake. I can have one fully steeped to my liking in half an hour. Sometimes I even take the warm bottles and refrigerate them in between cycles to speed up the cooling.

    I really like the idea above about using the dishwasher too. My dishwasher’s sanitation cycle might be too hot though…I think it has to get above 140 degrees for at least 45 minutes straight or something like that…seems like it could be a bit too much. I am thinking just a normal “hot” cycle could be perfect…I will give that a try tomorrow! Cheers and cool site!

  59. I have been mixing e liquid for a years now and about 4 months ago I decided to use an old Heated propagator that is usually used for germinating seeds. It has a low heat of around 15-20 degrees C and has definitely made my steeping process faster. I place a piece of card on top to keep sunlight out as well.

  60. Instead of the rice i used a damp towel. I warmed the cloth in the microwave for 1 minute and then wrapped the juice in it and let it sit until the towel got cold. Then I repeated it two more times. After each time my juice got a little bit darker and tasted much better.

  61. Well i found my way of steeping.
    Box the juice up and put it in my greenhouse or polytunnel

    job done.

  62. I have found the best way to steep your juice but most people will not have a sonic cleaner with temp control. Like I said sonic cleaner with temp control not only keeps the temp exactly were you want it for how ever long you do it it also stirs it from the inside with sonic waves that you can see in the bottle. It work great juice tastes awesome when done and it’s fun to watch the waves in the bottle while it stirs it up

  63. Them are some good ideas but for me I like to use the hand warmers and wrap them with a ace wrap let them sit for 8hr and check temp get it to at lease 99f I found is great and let cool from their if then not flavor enough do it the next day and good to go. I’m going to try the crock pot way this time that sounds good

  64. Most of these comments are fairly correct to a degree. Someone had mentioned that the nicotine was rotting and that’s what makes it age out and taste good. The last thing you want in any juice is rotten, very old or aged out nicotine. I think what they were trying to say and not knowing how to verbalize it is that nicotine is a photo reactive chemical that changes properties in different ways with heat and sunlight. There is a balancing point with nicotine in any juice where it peaks and is perfect then depending on how long after it is subjected to heat and sunlight will turn bitter and acrid. A lot of this depends on the nicotine content. 0mg will never age out, 3mg and 6mg mixes will generally be good for several months after proper aging assuming you keep it out of direct sunlight after it has aged to it’s peak.

    We are a large manufacturer and open air age our juices for 10 to 14 days in 5 gallon to 20 gallon containers with cheese cloth taped over the tops before labelling and bottling in a clean aging room with temperature maintained at 75 degrees. What this does is allow any alcohols and various other carriers to evaporate out of the mix. This is true aging or “steeping”. When most or all of the various carriers have evaporated out of the mix, that is when all your flavors will pop, come to life and blossom beautifully together with any juice or any other manufacturers flavors. If you age new juices at home with caps and drip tips on it is sort of defeating the purpose of what you are trying to accomplish. Any juice needs open air to age “evaporate or breathe” for a period of time.

    We have had a multitude of customers asking how to finish aging the juices to their liking beyond the point we ship it at. What we tell them is “if you want to finish aging to it’s optimum level real quick, put it in a warm sunny window with the cap & drip tips out for 3 to 7 days depending on their personal taste by tasting a little drop each day. Hundreds have responded to us after thanking us for the info and addressing how well it works.

    I hope some of this helps take some questions out of the aging process,
    Greg Savage
    Founder of Quacks Juice Factory

  65. Use a heating pad and wrap them up also works

  66. I take the tops off my juices and sit the bottles on top of my PC, just on top of the radiator while I play some games for a few hours. Coolant hits around 40-45oc and nicely warms my e-juices. No extra expense on crock pots or electricity bills on space heaters needed!

  67. hand warmer packs and a wool sock

  68. Thanks for information. My method is take the bottle to the boiled water cup and sit it there for 20min. When I wait one day. And juice flavor is fantastic, however nicotine level drastically reduce.

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