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Stealth Vaping Like a Ninja: An Animated Guide

Everything You Need to Know About Stealth Vaping 

Chasing those big fluffy clouds of vapor is part of what makes vaping so fun. However, there’s bound to be situations where you’re just fiending for a nicotine fix, but you can’t really be seen vaping. I had this problem when I was visiting my parents house during the holidays. They didn’t care that I was vaping, but we had family over and it was cold as balls outside – so I did what I had to do by stealth vaping that shiznit.  I’ll explain and show you the techniques I used so you can be a vape ninja, just like me – hi-yah!

Do I need any special equipment?

No not really, you can stealth vape with any-type of e cig, but there are some set-ups that make stealth vaping way easier than others. If you vape with a smallish battery with the lowest watts/volts setting that you can stand, avoid ultra low resistance coils/headers, and use a higher pg content, ninja stealth vaping will be a lot easier because you won’t produce huge voluptuous plumes of vapor to begin with. However, if you don’t want to use those suggestions, that’s fine, but you’ll probably have to practice a bit more before testing your ninja stealth vaping skills in the wild.

Quick, tell me what do I have to do – I’m dying for some nicotine. 

It’s really easy, you’ll be ingesting that sweet sweet nicotine soon, so just hold tight! Let’s go through this step by step, together.

1. Hold your mod so that it’s mostly hidden. There’s no point in hiding your vapor while your mod is hanging out loud and proud.  It’s easier to hide a smaller mod than a larger one – especially if you have tiny baby hands, like me. However, I’m stubborn and refuse to use anything other than my MVP 2.0 at the moment, so I have to work really hard to hide my mod.

Holding your mod

2. Take a drag, but don’t exhale yet! It’s best if the drag is a bit more shallow than normal (whateva, I accidentally held my camera sideways – I do what I want!).

take a drag

3.  Take in two big gulps of air, without letting any vapor out.

video 3

4. Now, hold the vapor in your lungs for a few seconds. But uh, try not to make your face as conspicuous as mine.

hold it in!

5. Make a tiny opening with your mouth and exhale downwards, like so:

Better yet, while you’re exhaling (as demonstrated above), ball up your fist and place it in-front of your mouth, like your’re coughing.

7. Repeat! I’ve compiled a .gif of what all the steps should look like together. This is what it should look like.

Make sure that you practice this at home in-front of a mirror, or a camera, to make sure your technique is fluid and consistent. If you’re still seeing clouds, despite the procedure I’ve outlined, you can try the following additional steps:

  • Inhale even less vapor.
  • Hold the vapor for an even longer duration in your lungs before exhaling.
  • Exhale in the crook of your arm, instead of your fist. If you have a blanket or scarf around, you can dry exhaling through that – just try not to look too shady.

With stealth vaping comes great responsibility.

Just because you know how to stealth vape, it doesn’t mean you should do it all the time. onVaping absolutely does not endorse vaping in areas where you shouldn’t legally be vaping. Even though e cigarettes have helped so many people, there’s still a huge segment of the population who are misinformed and freaked out by e cigs. It’s our job, as the ambassadors for all vape-kind, to show the world just how great vaping really is. If the wrong person catches you stealth vaping where you shouldn’t, that’ll only open the door for more negative press and restrictive legislation.

I’m not telling you not to stealth vape, there are plenty of situations where I’ve needed to stealth vape like driving in the car, family gatherings, or even in the grocery store bathroom (vaping in public places isn’t banned in my city/state). But I get it, there will be times when you just ABSOLUTELY need some nicotine and for whatever reason, you won’t be able to go outside. Just be smart and don’t ruin it for the rest of us – I’m trusting you!

How do you stealth vape?

Do you have any special stealth vaping methods/techniques or any comments/suggestions about this article? If so, we’d love for you to share them in the comments below!


I’m sure you’re probably drooling over my AMAZING .gifs. If you want to create your own stealth vaping .gifs to include in the comments below (or .gifs for anything else), check out this website. All you have to do is upload your video file from your computer to the website, and it’ll convert it for you. If the .gif is too big for imgur, no problem! You can adjust the frame-rate and the general quality of the .gif as well.  I hope you enjoy this .gift from me to you…ba-dum-tssss.


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  1. Here’s my method of not getting caught at work. (we don’t have a policy against vaping at your desk, but if they enact one, I don’t want it to be named after me)

    Practice the steps mentioned in the article for taking a stealthy vape. I prefer to use a small-ish mod that I can envelop in the ham-hocks I was graced with at birth. Draw into your mouth, then inhale deep into your lungs, we want to dilute the vape with as much air as we can get in there. Exhale slowly through your nose until the first wisps of vapor start to escape, then reverse the flow, inhaling deeply again. Repeat the process and you will find that each time you exhale you can get a little bit further without vapor appearing, until after 3-4 cycles you can exhale fully with no vapor present at all.

    It’s a bit more time consuming than “take your hit and hold it”, but with practice you don’t even have to pay attention to what you are doing and it has the added benefit of allowing you to continue breathing. 🙂

    • Awesome, I actually do the same thing as you Jay. I live in Utah, so I even stealth vape at the bus stop just to be extra cautious… its not very easy with my iTaste 134 though 😛

      • LOL it’s hard enough trying to stealth with my MVP, i couldn’t imagine trying to stealth with a 134…but I have baby hands, so what do I know 😀

  2. I may have time traveled a bit to post this, but for the past year i’ve been keeping 100% PG juice at my desk. No visible vapor when exhaling. No holding your breath. My workplace’s policy states “No vapor producing devices.”

    • William,

      Does the 100% pg base have an effect on flavor?

      • It provides most of the flavor unlike VG, think of it like PGlycol is similar to alcohol with tastier margaritas.

  3. I put my top teeth lossy over my bottom lip and let my top lip relax and then slowly exhale
    Through my entire lips it kinda thins the vapor out and makes less of a cloud

  4. Dear god thank you. This also seems to reduce smell. I imagine it’s because the vapor settles down in you. A great thing would probably be to have some stealth liquid, which is a little higher a nicotine level than you usually take, too, requiring less hits.

  5. Vape at work: Use your fog machine loud and proud, and exhale in a trashbag. Twist and lodge in your desk drawer so as to not let any escape. Done.

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