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The Ultimate List of E-Cig Studies: Are E-Cigs Actually Safe? *Updated 2/16/14

Electronic cigarettes are becoming more and more popular, both with smokers who are wishing to quit and smokers who dislike analog cigarettes but wish to continue exhaling something that closely resembles smoke. While some are quick to jump headlong into new products and devices, there are others who wait for research on the the safety of these new devices before jumping on the bandwagon. Due to these concerns, many leading scientists and health experts around the world have researched the safety of ejuice, second-hand vapor, and the effectiveness of e-cigarettes as a smoking cessation device.

Whether you are a smoker looking for a way to quit, a smoker who detests the taste and smell of analogs, someone who is worried about breathing in e-cigarette vapor, or someone who is wanting flavor and taste without the calories or allergens, the studies compiled below should help to alleviate any of your fears regarding the use of e-cigarettes and e-juice.

Any updates to this article will be presented at the end of this article. Last updated on 2/9/14.

E-Cig and E-Juice Safety: Are They Safe?

  • Scientific Errors in the Tobacco Products Directive: A letter sent by the very scientists whose research was cited by the EU Commission to draft legislation geared towards ecigarettes and their usage. The letter details the many ways in which their research was wrongly used and misinterpreted.
  • Ecigs Do Not Stiffen Arteries (PDF): Researchers from Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center in Greece have found that while smoking just 2 tobacco cigarettes caused significant stiffening of the aorta, no difference was observed after the use of an e-cigarette by smokers AND vapers. Published December 2013.
  • Smoking Kills, and So Might E-Cigarette Regulation: Gilbert Ross MD, is a medical and executive director of the American Council on Science and Health. In this special report on The American, he states “simple common sense would dictate that inhaling the fewer, less harmful ingredients of e-cigarettes as compared to inhaling the thousands of chemicals in the smoke from burnt tobacco, many of which have been shown to be carcinogenic, is highly likely to be healthier.” Published November, 2013.
  • Research on Safety of Electronic Cigarettes (PDF): Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos’ comprehensive presentation on existing data relating to the safety of ecigarettes. Presented at The E-Cigarette Summit, Royal Society, London in November 2013.
  • Nicotine Safety in the Context of E-Cigarette Use (PDF): Contrary to popular belief, the fatal overdose level for nicotine may be far higher than the generally accepted 50 to 60 mg (adult) says Dr. Jacques Le Houezec. This research was presented at the The E-Cigarette Summit, Royal Society, London in November 2013.
  • E-Liquids Shown To Have Low Cytotoxicity (PDF): The results of testing of 20 e-liquids, has revealed the majority of the vapor samples were found to have no adverse effects on cardiac cells. Even on the several that did have some effect (two of which were tobacco derived), the worst was 3 times less toxic compared to cigarette smoke. Published October 2013 in the International Journal of Environmental Research And Public Health.
  • Nicotine Levels Selection and Patterns of Electronic Cigarette Use: Study from Dr. Konstantinos E. Farsalinos that concludes nicotine levels seem to play a crucial role in achieving and maintaining smoking cessation in a group of motivated subjects. The study involved 111 participants who completely substituted smoking with electronic cigarette use for at least 1 month. Published September 2013.
  • Vaping: coronary circulation and oxygen supply (PDF): Recent research indicates that electronic cigarette use does not affect the oxygenation of the heart. Lead by principle investigator Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos; results of the research were presented at the European Society of Cardiology annual congress in Amsterdam in August, 2013.
  • Eliquids: No Health Concerns: A study by Professor Igor Burstyn of Drexel University School of Public Health based on a review available data has confirmed chemicals generally found in ecig eliquids pose no health concerns. Published August 2013 (PDF).
  • MHRA Ecigarette Research: The UK’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) carried out extensive research on ecigarettes, arriving at the conclusion there was little concern that e-cigarettes can harm users by delivering toxic nicotine levels and little evidence of non-smokers taking up electronic cigarettes. Published in June 2013.
  • Evaluation of Electronic Cigarette Use And Liquid Consumption: This 2013 study challenges an EU proposal that would result in eliquids containing more than 4 milligrams of nicotine per milliliter being banned unless approved as medicinal products.
  • Electronic Cigarettes Do Not Damage The Heart: Electronic cigarettes appear to have no acute adverse effects on cardiac function according to research by cardiologist Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos.  He says based on currently available data, ecigs are safer and that substituting tobacco with electronic cigarettes could be beneficial to health.
  • Principles to Guide AAPHP Tobacco Policy: The American Association of Public Health Physicians recommends electronic cigarettes as a safer smoke-free tobacco/nicotine product.
  • Athens University Ecig Study Challenged: Dr. Michael Siegel questions a University of Athens study claiming e-cigarettes can cause lung damage.
  • Regulation: When Less Is More (PDF): Presentation slides from Clive Bates (of the Counter-factual) concerning the dangers of over-regulating ecigarettes. Mr Bates urges positively about the vast potential about e cigs, to put the (minor) risks in perspective and regulate as though the 1 billion who are predicted to die from tobacco related illnesses in the 21st century matter most. Presented at The E-Cigarette Summit, Royal Society, London in November 2013.
  • Vaping profiles and preferences: 1,347 vapers were surveyed in an effort to characterize e-cigarette use, users and effects. Results generally showed respondents found ecigarettes to be satisfying to use; cause few side effects; considered healthier than smoking, resulted in improve cough/breathing and lowered levels of craving. The survey was hosted at the University of East London. Published March 2013.


Second-Hand Vapor Safety: Is Vapor Safe for Others?

  • Peering Through the Mist: Systematic Review of what the Chemistry of Contaminants in Electronic Cigarettes Tells Us about Health Risks: A comprehensive review, by a Drexel University professor, based on over 9,000 observations of e-cigarette liquid and vapor. He found “no apparent concern” for bystanders exposed to e-cigarette vapor – even under “worst case” assumptions about exposure.
  • Contaminants In Ecig Eliquids And Workplace Health Risks (PDF): A study that reviewed available data on chemistry of e cig aerosols and e liquids. This study found no evidence supporting the claims of e cigarette vapor exposure negatively effecting the health, and safety, of  the workplace. Published January 2014.
  • Cytotoxicity evaluation of ecig vapor extract: A 2013 study designed to evaluate the cytotoxic potential of 21 eliquids compared to the effects of cigarette smoke found ecig vapor is significantly less cytotoxic compared to tobacco.
  • Ecigarette toxicants study: Levels of selected carcinogens and toxicants in vapour from electronic cigarettes have been found to be 9 to 450 times less than tobacco cigarettes in 12 brands studied; leading the researchers to conclude “substituting tobacco cigarettes with e-cigarettes may substantially reduce exposure to selected tobacco-specific toxicants”. The study was first published online on March 6, 2013.
  • Is Passive Vaping A Reality?: This study sought to identify and quantify the chemicals released on a closed environment from the use of e-cigarettes – the findings? There’s little to be concerned about with regard safety. This research again confirms the type and quantity of chemicals released are by far less harmful to human health compared to regular tobacco cigarettes. In fact, it “could be more unhealthy to breath air in big cities compared to staying in the same room with someone who is vaping.”
  • Indoor Vapor Air Quality Study: Data at Clarkson University’s Center for Air Resources and reviewed by an independent toxicologist indicates electronic cigarettes produce very small exposures to byproducts relative to tobacco cigarettes. The study has been peer reviewed and will appear the Journal of Inhalation Toxicology.
  • E-cigarettes: harmless inhaled or exhaled: Report from Health New Zealand stating e-cigarette vapors do not contain substances known to cause death in the quantities found.
  • Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco (PDF): This research acknowledges that no drug is safe, but the emissions associated with the e-cigarette brand tested appear to be “several magnitudes safer” than tobacco smoke emissions.
  • E-cigarette Vapor And Cigarette Smoke Comparison: High nicotine e-liquids were vaporized in a series of experiments and the emissions compared to tobacco smoke. The study results indicate “no apparent risk to human health from e-cigarette emissions based on the compounds analyzed”.
  • Propylene Glycol Safe: Monkeys and rats were exposed continuously to high concentrations of propylene glycol, a common component of e liquids for periods of 12 to 18 months. Results of the research state “air containing these vapors in amounts up to the saturation point is completely harmless”.


 E Cigs as Smoking Cessation Devices: Does the Research Show That They Work?

  • A Longitudinal Study Of Ecig Users: This study concludes that electronic cigarettes may hep with preventing the relapses of former smokers and may even help current smokers to quit cigarettes. It also found that dual users, who were still smoking at the point of follow-up, had decreased their tobacco cigarette consumption by 5.3 cigarettes a day. Published January 2014.
  • The Importance Of Flavours In Eliquids: A study, headed by Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos, finds that flavors play a major role in the overall experience of dedicated vapers which supports the hypothesis that flavored e liquids are important contributors in reducing or eliminating the smoking of tobacco cigarettes. Published December 2013.
  • Second Hand Vapor Study (PDF): A new study shows that even-though e-cigarettes are a source of second-hand exposure to nicotine; it’s far, far less than that associated with second hand cigarette smoke. Additionally, when tested, e-cigarette second-hand vapor did not contain combustion related toxicants. Lead author was Maciej Goniewic from the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, N.Y. Published in Oxford Journal, December 2013.
  • A Longitudinal Study Of Electronic Cigarette Users: A study of 477 e cigarette users by researchers from the University of Auckland and University of Geneva has arrived at the conclusion that “E-cigarettes may contribute to relapse prevention in former smokers and smoking cessation in current smokers” Published October 2013.
  • Ecigs Not A Gateway To Smoking: The study is yet to be published, but according to research presented at the annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research (October 2013), the use of e cigarettes by teens does not lead to smoking tobacco in the vast majority of cases.
  • Efficiency and Safety of an Electronic Cigarette as Tobacco Cigarettes Substitute: In a 12-month trial of ecigarettes to evaluate smoking reduction/abstinence in 300 smokers not intending to quit; complete abstinence from tobacco smoking was documented in 10.7% and 8.7% at week-12 and after a year respectively. For the group receiving the higher dose nicotine cartridges, the tobacco cigarette cessation rate was 13% after a year. The study was published on PLOS One on June 24, 2013.
  • Impact of ecigarettes on schizophrenic smokers: Researchers from the CTA-Villa Chiara Psychiatric Rehabilitation Clinic and Research center in Italy determined the use of ecigs decreased tobacco cigarette consumption in schizophrenia sufferers who were smokers – and without significant side effects. Published January 2013.
  • Effect of ecigs on smoking reduction and cessation: A study showing the use of e cigarettes substantially decreased cigarette consumption without causing significant side effects in smokers who had no intention to quit. Published in 2011.
  • Electronic Cigarettes As a Smoking-Cessation Tool: The findings of this study indicate “e-cigarettes may hold promise as a smoking-cessation method” and that further research should be carried out.
  • Electronic cigarettes: achieving a balanced perspective: This 2012 paper argues that while more research is needed on the cost–benefit of ecigs and appropriate regulation, the harms so far have been overstated relative to the potential benefits. The paper mentions a study that found of more than 2000 former smokers in this survey, 96% reported that the e-cigarette helped them to stop smoking.

So what do all these studies mean?

The papers compiled above indicates that while nothing is better than breathing clean air, the vapor derived of e-juice in e-cigarette devices is magnitudes safer than analog cigarette smoke (as well as safer than air pollution in large cities). Regarding the research on second-hand vapor, some scientists and health experts conclude that there is no real need for concern. And as far as the question about the actual effectiveness of e cigs as smoking cessation devices, the studies indicate that e-cigarettes are at least as effective as nicotine patches.




Cancerous effects:

Electronic cigarette vapor appears chemically incapable of causing cancer as cigarette smoke has done. E-cigarette vapor contains toxicants concentrations averaging less than one percent of the concentrations in tobacco cigarette smoke.

Taxation efforts:

Governments looking to recoup future excise losses on declining tobacco sales could be tempted to tax e-cigarettes. This would make electronic cigarettes less price-competitive and would have the unwanted side effect of protecting tobacco sales.

Respiratory effects:

These randomized controlled trials followed participants for six and 12 months, and found no serious adverse events attributable to electronic cigarettes.

Lung function:

Lung function was not signifcantly decreased in 15 smokers using e-cigarettes, or in 15 never-smokers inhaling the vapor of e-cigarettes or inhaling smoke; lung function was, however, significantly decreased seven percent by active tobacco smoking.


Arterial stiffness is not increased from vaping

Red and white blood cells are not increased in the peripheral blood in the first hour after an e-cigarette either actively or passively inhaled.

Nicotine administered by electronic cigarette can relieve chronic idiopathic neutrophilia

Brain effects:

Nicotine in e-cigarettes reduces the urge to smoke and improves mood, working memory, and prospective memory


On the evidence to date, the answer is no. The percentage risk of never smokers using e-cigarettes (whether adolescents or adults) is near zero

  • Safety evaluation and risk assessment of electronic cigarettes as tobacco cigarettes substitutes: A systematic review: A total of 114 studies are referenced in this paper, with 97 directly related to e-cigarettes or their ingredients. The review covers all aspects, from chemical to clinical studies, including studies evaluating the potential effects of selected ingredients of e-cigarettes such as propylene glycol and glycerol. It includes discussion about the effects of nicotine and findings from studies evaluating passive exposure to e-cigarette aerosol.This is the first extensive e-cigarette review published in a peer-reviewed medical journal. The main themes of the paper are: discussion about nicotine and its effects-toxicity, presentation of chemical studies, cytotoxicity studies, clinical-case report studies and surveys, passive vaping studies and miscellaneous issues such as e-cigarette use by specific subpopulations (patients with respiratory disease or psychiatric conditions), accidental nicotine exposure, electrical accidents and fires and use by youngsters and non-smokers. Discussion about mistakes in methodology and mis-interpretation of findings is also included.
  • Long-term effects of inhaled nicotine: A study where rats were given inhaled nicotine at twice the amount of heavy smokers, which found “increase in mortality, in atherosclerosis or frequency of tumors in these rats compared with controls. Particularly, there was no microscopic or macroscopic lung tumors nor any increase in pulmonary neuroendocrine cells. Throughout the study, however, the body weight of the nicotine exposed rats was reduced as compared with controls. In conclusion, our study does not indicate any harmful effect of nicotine when given in its pure form by inhalation.”

Written 1/28/14; Last updated 2/16/14

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  1. I started smoking at 18. I have made quite a few attempts over the years to stop for good. I am now about to turn 60
    I have been Vaping since May 2013. I have not had a cigarette or a ‘puff’ in that time. I can mix my own flavours, and degree of nicotine, and I find the Vape wand is incredibly satisfying. The hardest time was always when I was socialising or having a stressful situation. No more.
    Set aside how much money it saves you, that’s just amazing, to have that in your pocket
    Set aside no more dirty disgusting ashtrays
    Set aside the lack of yukky disgusting smell that attaches to your skin, your clothes, your hair, your breath
    Set aside no more having to venture outside, probably on your own at a work or social gathering
    Even set aside the health benefits of no cough, breathing well, fitter, no carcinogens flooding your system.
    We all know the negatives of smoking. The cold hard fact for me, and those I know, is , that the e cigarette option, is a very real, practical, successful tool for kicking the habit, once and for all. I am amazed at how stress free and easy it was for me to stop smoking cigarettes… and I have watched my friends, and acquaintances, and my sons, switch, most of them, practically overnight.

    The Vape wand seriously works.

    • Wow, congratulations! It’s so nice to read about success stories like this. There are a lot of people out there who have strong negative opinions about vaping, but the honest truth is that vaping is the only thing that has ever worked (consistently) for a lot of people!

      I have a family history of cancer, and I’ve been wanting to quit smoking cigarettes for a long time. I’m really thankful that I found this alternative, and I’m slowly starting to convert my smoker friends to vapers as well 🙂 I’m amazed that I don’t even CRAVE cigarettes that much anymore. If you asked me this time last year if I’d quit smoking anytime soon – I’d have laughed in your face.

      • I too was a smoker for 20 years. Just entered the vaping world and I am amazed, smoke free for 1 week. Not much but good for me. I am glad that I made the switch and I will not go back to the awful smelling analog cigarettes. Now that I can smell. Thanks for sharing. I will also try to start converting smokers to vaping world.

      • I was a smoker for 15 year and started vaping for a year and have not touched a regular cigarette

    • As a 40 year smoker, vaping is the ONLY thing that has successfully got me off analogs. I can control the nicotine level, whereas on an analog I am stuck with whats in there. Furthermore the carcinogens that are in an analog are not present in the vape juice.That alone is worth it. I think the FDA and cigarette industry is ticked that we found something that is better for us than an analog and that it has put a dent in their pocket books. All those who cry and whine about vaping have never complained that they too have had the benefit from the outrageous amount of taxes the cigarette industry slapped us with when we purchased cigarettes.Little hypocritical dont you think? I dont care what happens, I will NEVER touch another cigarette again and attribute it ALL to vaping. Your patches suck, your gum is nasty, the pills such as Chantix etc. has some people go suicidal….. so much for their research !!! When you are not educated about vaping, and wanna talk band waggon jumping, compare the juice to the analog cigarette and you will see its a no brainer. While you do the so called further research I will fill my atomizer with a juice of my choice and enjoy it, without the stink of smelling like an ashtray. Our vaping community gets bigger every day and they won’t get rid of us. Some of us also vape for the enjoyment of it and have omitted nicotine all together. Happy vaping !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Ditto ditto ditto!!!

        • I just started vaping on march 9,2014. been a smoker for 50 yrs. as of march 29, i am still smoking about a pack a WEEK instead of 1 pack a day. I just ordered more juice with more nicotine, ( now at 12mg, up to 18mg) and believe this will get me off cigs. totally. I love the vaping and the flavors. Wish me puck with the 18mg. juice!!!! 🙂

          • I smoked for 45 years, I’ve been completely off of cigarettes for 4 months, since the day I got the amount of nicotine right in my juice! I smoked a pack and a half to 2 packs a day. I needed to start at 30 millagrams of nicotine, now I’ve gone down to 18. Try a higher dose, I was able to quit cigs in one day whe I got my dose high enough

          • Good puck (luck)

          • Have you tried an APV instead of a stick? I found less nicotine and more vapor (higher wattage/voltage) was the ticket. Not more nicotine. After 3 years, its now just a hobby.

          • I was using a little simple set up at first with 24 mg, but was still smoking cigarettes. I upgraded to a vision spinner 2 and cut my habit to 1-2 cigs a day. A little over a month ago, I upgraded again to an aspire sub ohm battery with the atlantis V1 tank .5 coil. I haven’t smoked a cigarette yet, and actually dropped my nicotine level. That was the answer for me, and I can only suggest to not settle with the cheap setups. I know everyone is different, but the sub ohm setups & mods are the way to go. I plan on getting the atlantis v2 tank and already have a Panzer Mod to go with my aspire sub ohm mod incase it ever needs charging. Vaping truly is life changing. Keep on keeping on.

      • AGREE totally! Couldn’t have said it better myself. We have been smoke free for 10 months and can’t believe how well this works! And, we have tried everything else over the years. Vape on!!!

      • I echo those sentiments. I have smoked since I was 18 and now approaching 50. Once I discovered the correct way for me to use the e-cig I don’t crave a cigarette and the thousands of bad chemicals at all

      • Mariah, I’m with you. I quit 42 years of smoking with vaping. I won’t go back. I get pissed at the politicians’ ignorance. Vapers will not go away, and we will stand up for ourselves.

    • But can you stop vaping or did you just trade one habit for another?

      • Smoking- Expensive, stinking, dangerous, death inducing habit.
        Vaporizing- Economical, pleasant, health improving, life changing habit.
        Your god damned right I traded one habit for another!
        Ass hole- sarcastic prick!!

        • Lora !!! Why did you swear at Toni, that was unwarranted ! It was a normal question to ask. You owe the man an apology, ok !!!!

        • Lora, I agree with Darryl. We need to be kind to others when they ask questions about the vaping. The best way to educate others is to nicely let them know what said products have done for you instead of snapping at people and cursing at them. It is definitely for an ex smoker trading a disgusting habit for a good and harmless habit. There is no need for name calling. We as vapers will not get anyone on our side and show them the true nature of vaping by educating them, by swearing and degrading them when they ask questions. Best regards, God bless, and vape on!

      • Why the pressure on stopping vaping? If they have swapped one habit for another at least it’s for a much less harmful one.

      • Toni, besides vaping being much less dangerous than smoking, it feels less addictive. 5 months in, I am already starting to buy zero nicotine e liquid. Smokers needed this help for years (so many 20th century people would have lived longer), and now they are getting it. It is better to trade away a dangerous habit for a much safer one than to do nothing.

      • Even if you are just swapping habits,vaping is much safer

      • Who cares if we are trading one habit for another. Every single person has a habit of one sort or another – some are dangerous, others are not. A lady I met gave up smoking cold turkey, but developed two more habits. One was eating, so she gained weight, and the other, chewing her finger nails. For 2 decades she fought weight gain (unsuccessfully, despite working out regularly) and her fingers were red and sore from chewing. I suggested a Vape pen, nicotine free e-juice and the myriad of flavour choices. She lost her weight gain and started enjoying manicures again. So you tell me. Which habit(s) would you rather have?

      • Toni, I do believe that once on zero nicotine vaping for a while I will be able to stop the vaping if I want to. I don’t see any need to do so because of the fact that there is absolutely no harm being done to me or anyone else, however. Great question though! My inspiration for answering your question is that my wife still has trouble with her vaping once a day and for some reason still does it once a day. This tells me that one day since she has no nicotine in it whatsoever she will be able to also lay the vapor down like the cigarettes. Which, by the way was only 3 weeks ago that she quit cigarettes. The vaping definitely works and it’s a shame to see people trying to make it harder for people to use vaping to quit those disgusting cigarettes. I went to vaping 3 weeks ago also and have no nicotine in my liquid and absolutely do not crave a cigarette at all. I don’t know what it is, I assume the vapor which reminds the brain of “smoke”, but I don’t crave a cigarette after 3 weeks even without nicotine in the vapor.

    • I have smoked for 20 years & went through many failed attempts of quitting. I started taking wellbutrin to quit but that medicine needs to b outlawed cause it made me crazy as hell.But 2-3 months ago I started vaping & now I’m smoke free! My whole family is also vaping now even my mom who has chain smoked for nearly 40 years! So everybody needs to stop hating & ragging on vaping because I think it’s awesome & my kids love having a smoke free household!

      • I probably received my first nicotine hit a minute or so after conception, when I was still just two cells, and I continued smoking in utero for 9 months (1949, who knew, doctors were still telling pregnant moms smoking would relax them). After that I inhaled side stream smoke directly from the tips of burning cigarettes, pipes, and cigars for 14 years, and second hand exhaled smoke as well, from both parents and about half the adults I knew (yes, about 50% of adults smoked, certainly most of my parents’ friends did). Then I started smoking and quitting and smoking again for 45 years. It was never my intention to quit nicotine when I took up e-cigs over 6 years ago, my brain receptors and neural pathways are hardwired for nicotine.

        What I traded was death for life. I did manage to reduce my nicotine consumption from 36 mg/mL to 12-18mg/mL but that’s less important to me than having quit a deadly habit. I have the usual success story of getting my wind back (I hike mountain trails, now), being able to taste food and smell odors better, saving a lot of money, and not smelling like an ashtray all the time. But the main thing was quitting. I know people who have not, and in 6.5 years I’ve seen the noticeable health deterioration which I have not seen in myself.

        I get angry when I see the unconscionable hit pieces on e-cigs because I know they give smokers still on the fence pause, further reason to put off switching to e-cigs, to go out and buy one more pack of cigarettes. Studies like these, I hope, and web sites like this, are making a difference. Nice compilation.

  2. I have smoked for about 30 years. Since I picked up e-cigs about a year ago,I not only quit smoking without any problems but never went back to smoking. When I tried to quit analog cigarettes,I went through a severe throat infection. I’m very thankful for the e-cigarette,because I no-longer smoke analog cigarettes. E-cigarettes smell and taste better. They make a more peasant atmosphere.

    • I love the way I smell now!

      Congratulations on your success with using e cigs!

    • Thanks for the shout out Joe! We are super passionate about vaping and after reading a lot of mainstream articles about ecigs it was clear that the general public really doesn’t understand the industry or the health effects. So hopefully this article will clear it up.

      Thanks for sharing!

  3. The devices and juices available today are just amazing and very effective. They satisfy all of your physical and psychological cravings so completely, your body doesn’t feel as if it’s being deprived of anything at all.

    After just a 2 week experimentation period, I’ve been cigarette free for over 22 months. That was after smoking 1.5 packs per day for 35 years. Funny thing was, I hadn’t even realized I quit. Someone at work happened to ask “When was the last time you had a cigarette?”, that’s when I realized it had been 2 weeks or more and also realized I was done with cigarettes.

    The politicians and bureaucrats would be doing humanity a great disservice by banning or restricting this form of nicotine replacement therapy.

  4. It will be 5 yrs this April since I smoked my last cig. I bought my first ecig in Nov of 08 from a online store in China a super mini M401 it’ll was so weak but I was determined to give it a chance and I am so glad I kept with it, it didn’t take long to find better vape gear and by April 09 I found ecf.

    One thing I love about vaping is you can spend as little or as much as you want and keep off the cigs I probably spend a little more than average vaper and my buddy spends the absolute minimum that he can and we are both happy. I like buying new gear and he only buys cartos and juice.

    I gotta give a shout out to vaper Joe’s if your a gear hound like me his site is a must visit!

  5. I smoked for 48 years, and have tried most every method known to man to quit. A couple years ago, I tried Blu, a “cig-a-like” that looks like analogues, but couldn’t do more than cut back a bit. Last Summer I discovered that I had COPD, and my cardiopulmonary physician couldn’t come up with any cessation program that I hadn’t already failed at, so I researched online and discovered vaping . . .
    Ecigs is an unfortunate label for something that has nothing to do with smoking, nor do the devices look like cigs. I ordered an EGO-C starter kit and a couple bottles of flavored nicotine infused e-juice, and charged the Ego battery when it came in the mail.
    It’s no exaggeration to say that the first time I vaped was the last time I needed a cigarette; I’ve gradually worked my way up to better quality vaping hardware, and now, seven months after that first starter kit, I remain tobacco-free and have [absolutely] no desire to pick-up a pack and smoke a cig . . . I vape juice flavors mostly, generally dragon-fruit/ cranberry or pineapple/ strawberry, and surprisingly, never felt the need to vape tobacco-flavored.
    The scare-mongering going on in the media and halls of government agencies is fueled by money from Big Pharma [who already are losing billions of dollars of potential income for cessation programs that never worked to start with], anti-smoking organizations that stand to lose funding, and tax coffers that need to be topped-off.
    Thanks for this [ultimate] list; I’ve already sent the link to a half-dozen vapers I know, and feel certain it will be a great tool to help counter the spurious arguments we’re pummeled with every day . . .

    • yup. “e-cig” is a term that needs to stop being applied to vaping. Blu and Vuze and other tobacco company products can keep the moniker for their “cig-alikes.” I believe combustion to be a big part of what constitutes a cigarette and since there is nothing burning in a vaporizer(as long as you don’t crank your wattage up and burn your juice, and to be honest, who wants to do that more than a few times?) so the term is inaccurate, in my opinion. I also don’t like the term, “tobacco product” being used to classify vaporizers. especially in the wake of what is happening with FDA deeming regs. I understand that there are tobacco inspired flavors that may actually contain extracts from tobacco leaves(I am not a scientist. I can barely maintain a cohesive sentence and paragraph structure.) my basic point is that the terms “e-cig” and “tobacco product” are stigmatizing to this industry and those working in it and/or simply defending it should drop these terms from their vocabularies. Language matters and words can be scary to the uninformed and the unwilling when it comes to education.
      what I know of vaping is that the day after I smoked my last cigarette, I woke up breathing better than I had in the 27 years I smoked. I don’t have to run for the Kleenex to clean out my sinuses the minute I wake up. I’ve been told I don’t snore anymore. I can watch a standup comedian and not pass out(nearly)from laughing. I can tolerate being outdoors in the heat and humidity a little better(it’s still hot and wet). I can climb multiple sets of stairs and still catch my breath.
      and I didn’t really want to quit the day I gave it a try. a friend who lives with me gave them up a week before me using a “cig-alike.” I chose to try so I wouldn’t be the jerk blowing smoke in his face and maybe curtailing his attempt. I bought a pen style using a sub ohm coil. good little starter, but wasn’t a couple weeks before I got a more powerful mod. also started trying different tanks to get the best flavor. also tried some t/c coils but not really a fan.
      I will readily admit that every once in a while, especially when watching a movie where someone is smoking, a cigarette looks good. but I can vape, and that’s what keeps me from smoking at the moment. in 2 days i’ll have 4 months smoke free, so it’s relatively new, but I have a willpower to succeed that didn’t come with cold turkey or nic gum. never made it longer than 6 days with any prior attempt and there have been many. and those attempts SUCKED! plus, cigarettes stink(news flash). they used to smell good, especially when attempting to quit. not anymore. I need to apologize to anyone I’ve stood near the last 27 years.
      and I stepped from smoking light cigarettes to juice at a 3m nic level when i started vaping. I buy 1.5m nic when I can and sometimes even some 0. haven’t been anxious or jittery. I believe it’s the habit, not the nicotine that’s my issue. I think I’ve strayed off topic.
      I think the original point was that these are not cigarettes, “e-cigs,” or “tobacco products”. don’t criminalize my devices because of a poorly chosen name from years ago, which I feel are inferior products, anyway.
      I hope the FDA can pull their hands out of Big Tobacco and Big Pharma’s pockets and do honest research at sites like this and at least keep regulation fair. I’m not anti-regulation, but I am if the research is biased and I’m not sure Big Vapor(is there such a thing?)can match funds.
      these are my opinions and I will be happy to ignore yours if you disagree. just a joke, no need to troll. some people’s opinions have merit.

  6. 10 years smoking, I wish ecigs were around when I started, I would have saved myself 10 years of killing myself. If I ever do fall ill to smoking related disease, it will be from the absence of ecigs in that time, and not their presence now. Let’s try to make sure someone else doesn’t misinform through fear tactics, Vape on!!!

  7. Great job on the list. I spent a bunch of time looking through all the studies. Great resource!

  8. By publishing this list, you do a great service to all humankind. May your pagerank and bandwidth forever increasingly exceed your hosting charges. Thank you a thousand times over, and then some.

  9. I started smoking way back when I was 15 and then started smoking and inhaling cigars 2-3 a day for about five years. I then went back to cigarettes after a bad spell with pneumonia because I just couldn’t handle the thick heavy smoke from the cigars anymore. All through the years after turning 35 I had tried everything Gum, Patches, Zyban and Chantix with no luck at all. When I turned 48 I was smoking 3 packs of analogs a day and was having coughing fits even while I was trying to sleep. I felt bad all the time and felt like each day it got harder to simply breathe. I had just started a new job offshore on a boat where there was no smoking inside and during the time work was going on it would sometimes be hours before I could break for a cigarette if at all. A month later while I was home and went to a training class and one of the guys was vaping…even in class! I asked him about his ego and if it worked and he handed it to me and said try for yourself, and I did. I was shocked at how close it was inhaling/exhaling as a cigarette, I could hardly tell the difference minus the bad taste and smell of cigarettes…He was vaping peaches & cream and it tasted awesome! He gave me the local vendors card which I called the next day and purchased a couple of ego starter kits, 1 for my wife and one for me. We finished off the analogs we had left 2 days later and started vaping full time and never looked back… It was that easy! Been almost 2 years now with no relapse and I haven’t felt better in 15 years, No coughing and I can breathe again! I was at the Doctors office yesterday for a good checkup and after he listened to my chest I asked him how it sounds now that I’ve been vaping for almost 2 years and his reply was ” I can’t tell by listening that you were ever a smoker ” and that it sounded real clear in there. That right there is good enough for me!

    Look…. If you are still smoking and wondering if the ecig will work for you and you really want to put cigarettes down for good, For less than a carton of cigarettes you can find out that they will work. Then get active with and support CASAA and send a message to Big Pharma, Big Tobacco and most of all Big Government to stay out of our pockets and leave our ecigs alone! An ecig won’t kill you but a cigarette will.

  10. I started smoking when I was in grade 7. I’m 35 yo now and nothing worked for me until I tried vaping .Not the patch or the gum ect . I smoked extra light smokes and when i got my Evod starter kit and my 24mg nic juice I quit that same day Oct 31, 2013. Now i use 6mg nic in my dipper and 8-12mg in a tank system. Politicians and anti vaping people must stop trying to ban vaping. Peoples health is way more important than your greased palms from corporations like Big Tobacco. If anything the anti vaping people are the real criminals. Just wait until next elections and see what happens to you.

  11. I was a smoker for 15+ years,a friend gave me a vaporizer and sent me to vapor mania in Sunset,Utah.I have NO desire to smoke again!! I tried everything to quit cigarettes,gum ,patches,zyban,even chantix and hypnotism to no avail. But the minute I started vaping I no longer wanted to smoke. I feel 100%better,my Dr considers it safer than smoking and there is a noticeable improvement in my overall health!! . I love the variety of delicious flavors and the freedom of vaping in the house.We never smoked inside for the children’s benefit. The best thing about it,is it’s so much cheaper than cigarettes as well ! My husband and I have converted many of our smoker friends,and they are so grateful! Banning cape shops would just further prove that our government wants us to be sick and dying for the $$ it brings them!! vapor has the best juices check them out!!

  12. I started smoking at the age of 15. It was very gradual, first just an experimentation phase to rebel, and eventually erupted into full blown smoking of a pack a day by the time I was in college. I realized then that it was out of control, but I felt that there was nothing I could do to stop smoking at that point, and left it at that.

    Until 2007-2008, when the ‘electronic cigarette’ first graced our humble shores here in the United States.

    I was introduced to these fancy new gadgets by an ex-girlfriend who was concerned about the amount I smoked and, lets be honest, wanted me to stop smelling like a pile of ash. So I gave them a try, and shelled out the $200 that they wanted for a starter kit. I was in love. The things worked! Granted, the first generation of ecigs were nothing like those of today, their more common limitations being battery life, short lived cartridges, and a plethora of technical malfunctions. But the sheer fact that I was no longer smoking, and felt the positive effects of such literally the next day, just blew me away. That was day zero. I was a zealot.

    Until the U.S. Government and the FDA stepped in.

    Suddenly in 2009 I found myself staring at the gaping maw of e cigarette bans and customs rejections. I couldn’t believe it. Something that hundreds of thousands of people were praising as a miracle was suddenly wrenched from our grasp. I hadn’t stockpiled. This caught me completely by surprise, and like so many of us, I ended up back where I started. On cigarettes.

    It would be years before I would finally take the plunge again, and this time for good. I am happy to say that I’ve been smoke free for months. I can breathe. I can taste. I can smell. I can run more than a few feet before gasping for breath. And there is no going back.

    I can only hope that our leaders can put their personal and business-minded agendas aside for even a moment and consider the possibility that electronic cigarettes are more than an unregulated and untaxed product that they are losing potential taxdollars on. I know that things should be regulated, to a point, to ensure safety for all, but overtaxation of electronic cigarettes is just as sure to kill the industry as an outright ban.

    Please, please, please. Everyone, send these reports and studies to everyone you know. Get the word out, and let the people know. Ecigs work.

  13. Well, i smoked for 46years, most of it 1 1/2 to 2 packs a day. I started with and e-cig about a year ago and stopped smoking 2 days after i started with e-cigs. I’ve had only 3 since. I feel great and i don’t miss the cigarettes at all. I have also save so much money that it feels like I’m a rich man all of a sudden. My money problems are all taken care of since i don’t have to pay so much for cigarettes. A real bonus side effect i think.

  14. Congrats and thank you! A critical tool when dealing with the mindless and never ending news articles as to the dangers of e-cigs. Please keep this list up and updated.

    • I plan on doing just that. I’ve already updated it twice since I wrote it, due to new studies or finding studies I missed the first time around.

  15. Vaping is my religion! 🙂 Thank you for finding sources of studies.Great job!

    • You are welcome!

  16. Having been a smoker of 20+ cigarettes a day for 13 years. I have finally found something that has helped me stop smoking tobacco cigarettes effectively (e-Cigarette), I had tried everything else from gum, patches and champix all of which did nothing, one gave me nightmares and anxiety. I have been off tobacco for 18 months now and I have never been happier and feel so much more healthy. I have reduced my nicotine intake from 18mg to 6 mg over this time and plan to become nicotine free over the next month. What I would like to say is that as tobacco smoker you are a SLAVE to the foul tobacco cigarette, the smell, the taste, the negative impact on your health and the social stigma, it effects every aspect of your life. Its depressing but a very hard situation to free yourself from. You kid yourself it looks cool, that you enjoy it ! (well at least the one after a meal), your convinced because you smoke lights it does not smell ! But deep down you are afraid your going to become ill and possibly DIE because of them, you live in fear, you hate them but can’t help yourself lighting up, you smell bad but can’t smell it and taste is almost dead, you are tied to spend every day on something that gives no positive effects to your life . Finally there is something that is better for you and WORKS in freeing you. But wait ! somebody wants to take that liberty away (somebody you did not elect), by ignoring all the scientific evidence and using negative fact less propaganda to protect big business and revenue, they want to effectively stamp it out, to this end they want to take away your basic HUMAN RIGHT to be FREE, free of being a tobacco slave, freedom to make your own choices to make your life better. How can this go unchecked by anyone? People died for freedom and apathy mocks them… In short they would prefer you to continue to smoke tobacco, generate them revenue and DIE..

  17. Thanks for these links to all of this research. It’s nice to read and see confirmed what I already knew myself – vaping is MUCH better for me than smoking.
    I smoked for 30 years, tried multiple times to quit during my “smoking career” and always failed after only a few days. I picked up my first vaping starter kit 4 months ago and haven’t smoked a cigarette since. And it’s been EASY. I’m at the point now that I don’t want a cigarette at all, I would rather vape. I can smell my friends who smoke and realize how bad I smelled! I’m breathing better in the morning when I wake up!
    I don’t want to sound like some crazed religious convert or anything, but I can’t say it enough, I might never have been able to quit smoking tobacco if I hadn’t started vaping!
    Thanks again!

  18. I started vaping recently and I think I overdid it this morning. I only cape at 5% but I think I started having withdrawal symptoms, shaking, sweating etc around lunch time… I felt spaced out and got a weird artifact in my right eye.. I do not drink or take any prescription medications so it makes me wonder… I’m not trying to be the devil’s advocate just relaying my experience.

    • It’s definitely possible if you’re chain vaping with a fairly concentrated nicotine e juice. It’s possible to over use nicotine, just like any other stimulant.

      I’d recommend cutting back on the amount of nicotine you use in your e juice (eg move down from 24mg to 12mg) and listen to your body.

      Since I like to chain vape, I typically use 6mg or less, depending on my mood and the time of day. That, and staying hydrated, has really helped!

  19. My dump date was some vague day in Oct 2013 after 40 years of on and off with the analogs.

  20. Im 49year old been smoking for35 years and the last 15 years smoking those flavord cigars ( rhum flavour) I smoke a box a day theres 20 in a box!!! somedays even up 25 cigars, Me and My wife got each other E-cig starter kit and its been 40 days without smoking!!! and I don’t miss it at all.. don’t have the hurge, its like I never smoke. well it cant be worst than 20 cigars a day! so anyone out there that wants to quit this is it!!! I smell good, I feel good, don’t to bother going outside no more, and im pround of myself.

  21. I needed to find some peer reviewed research papered on e-cigarettes for school, this is a great resource. Thanks for putting it all in one place.

  22. I think the next steps will be taxation on e-cigarettes as they gain more exposure, publicity and popularity. There is no real health risk of using them, at least compared to cigarettes! It’s great to see so many success stories and how much now ex-smokers feel better for it

  23. Are any of these researches pertaining to inhaling vapor produced from sub-ohm vaping/mechanical mods?

    • Not that I am aware of but I’ll keep an eye out.

    • Henrik, keep reading! It’s obvious you did not read enough of the studies, they all conclude the same things! The media, government, and big tobacco all are twisting every fact of the studies done, to the point that the researchers on the studies that have generated all the alarmist’s headlines have had to republish papers on how incorrect they interpreted the originals! You are right, more than 2 ingredients! its 4! VG, PG, FDA approved flavoring, and the liquid nicotine used in patches and gums by big pharma! VG and PG are used by big pharma as delivery agents in their medicines, ie FDA approved medicines! Last point, nicotine is not the causer of cancer, COPD, Emphysema, etc… the “unhealthy on its own” comments do not come from science that has found it to be very much like caffeine’s health risks. Can you imagine if big government went after caffeine, we would have the second american revolution!

  24. After smoking over 1 pack a day for 45 years I can now say I will never smoke another cigarette. From the 1st day I got my first vape I haven’t had or wanted a cigarette. My coffee (sometimes mixed with chocolate) flavor juice is more satisfying than a cigarette ever was. I started with 18mg nicotine a little over 4 months ago and recently decreased to 12 mg. In due time I will drop to 6mg then 0. People are shocked at how easy this has been for me and I have inspired others to do the same.

  25. I had smoke for 31 years until april 2013 when I switched to e cigarettes . I feel a great difference : faster recovery from a branchites better sport work . Now I m on 6 mg and planning for o nicotime this su mer. Goodluck for everyone

  26. I subsidized Big Tobacco for 36 years before my nonsmoking daughter got me a cigalike. This only partially worked, and I waffled back and forth between these and tobacco cigs for 6 months or so, but even so, it did cut me down from a pack and a half to 4 to 6 a day.
    Then in 2014 my nonsmoking son got me an Ego, and this did the trick.
    What is more disturbing to me than a toddler drinking e liquid (or getting their hands on real cigarette butts, household cleaners, fridge magnets and guns), is the moneyed interests counting on me to die young. Obviously everyone was wrong, and smokers DID want to quit rather than die, as long as they have an alternative (e cigs) that actually works for them.
    Also, vape shops are the true small business success stories, hiring local people who are healthier and take less sick days due to vaping, and now that Big Tobacco’s missing us and going through withdrawal, (oh poor babies) I would like to give a shout out to the brick and mortars, and encourage folks to spend their money there instead of subsidizing Big Tobacco, with its proven history of poisoning, lying to and fleecing us, by buying their crappy cigalikes that mysteriously work better as disposables, at 10 bucks a pop.
    In closing, just to make it simple: how many people have e cigs killed, even the puking toddlers? None.
    Now how many people have cigarettes killed? Compare that huge number to zero, and you have your answer.
    I find it reprehensible the FDA is misinforming while smokers perish every day. They are entrusted with the public health, and they are doing a lousy job. At least some local lawmakers seem willing to be educated.
    I have been free for over 2 months, I am 53 year old grandma, and I like vaping vanilla and pina colada, not ashtray. My only health problem was smoking, and when my dr. back in 2012 told me I had the first signs of COPD in my lung x ray, and I said no to any symptoms, he said, Well WHEN (not if) you get them, come see me.
    I cant wait to come see him now. And all these programs on the internet are most informative, and very fun to chain vape to. I really dig the Vape Team. Vape on!

  27. I started smoking while on my first deployment, and was up to almost 2 packs a day by my second. Then another smoker in the unit introduced EGOs, and by the end of that deployment almost all the smokers were vaping. I haven’t had an analog in so long I can’t remember. Now I’m introducing ecigs to my new unit and it’s catching on quick! Wish big gov would remove their heads from their rumps and leave alone!

  28. I was a thirty year pack-a-day smoker who tried unsuccessfully to quit many times with many different methods. I was finally able to quit with the use of an e-cig. It’s amazing how easy it was for me once I got the right nicotine level and right flavors. I couldn’t quite get away from tobacco until I started vaping some of the fruit and candy flavors. I now 1.5 years tobacco free and I feel great. Even my mother-in-law was able to quit after smoking for 55 years. 55 years!!!! Vaping has totally changed my life. My husband and every other smoker in our family has now quit. I certainly hope the FDA doesn’t take away our flavors. Fight for your rights to vape!

  29. In light of the “deeming” FDA regulations, I think that now would be a good time to update this list… 🙂

    I always post the link to this page for people who say that there haven’t been enough studies done on ecigs – LOL!!

    Thank you SO much for having them all in one place!!

  30. Please can you add Dr. Farsalinos’ new survey to your list. Published 22nd April 2014. Characteristics, Perceived Side Effects and Benefits of Electronic Cigarette Use: A Worldwide Survey of More than 19,000 Consumers It’s a must read, the results are great – 81% complete substitution. I, too, always post a link to this page, saves an awful lot of debate with dissenters and is great info for vapers.

  31. I have been smoking cigarettes for 45 years. I have tried the patch, pills, hypnotize, laser, and acupuncture with zero affect! After a week of vaping and smoking, I put down the cigarettes and have no desire to smoke at all since Jan 1st of 2014. With no craving, discomfort, or irritable personality change at all. The key is to have reliable equipment and a flavor you like with the proper amount of nicotine. I have also reduced my nic level to 6mg, next step zero!

  32. I started vaping 4 yrs ago in july. Stuck with my ego style ecig for 3 years. It took me a couple of years to totally quit smoking, but I did it. I smoked 3 packs of marlboro a day, sometimes more, and I really didn’t quit for my health. Just couldn’t afford it. In the last year I have noticed that my skin became healthier, my hair has become fuller again, and grows like it did in my 20s. I can also sing better than ever, higher notes are possible now, and that is a first. No weight gain like I had all the other times I tried to quit, so, big plus!! I use only about 2mg of nicotine to get that throat hit, which just means it feels like I am pulling something into my lungs. My lungs feel great!! I was running back and forth across rugged ground to get to an outdoor wedding because my 1 friend who still smokes and has copd could not make it a 3rd of the way, so I was checking on her by the csr, and I wasn’t even out of breath!! And I am 47. So I have snoked for at least 37 years. Smoked my dad’s cig buts by 10. Yes, that is disgusting, but I was hooked bad!! By 12 yrs old I was ward of the court, so I spent 4 years in and out of group homes, and shelter homes, and I could smoke in them. I had the choice of 70 cents a day for chores, or a pack of my favorite cigs. So I can literally say my government hooked me on cigs. This is truth, and if anyone looked into this, I am sure they would see thousands of packs of cigs given to minors.

  33. I didn’t start smoking till after college (!) but I was a pack a day smoker when I discovered e-cigarettes. I didn’t even quit smoking on purpose! I walked uptown every other day to buy cigarettes, thinking it’s better to be a fit smoker than a non-smoking couch potato, but 1 day i was just too lazy to go get some. The next day I marveled “that’s the 1st day in 36 years I didn’t have a cigarette!” Suddenly I had a streak going, and 9 months later it’s still going! The math is amazing: a mere 270 days x 20 cigarettes a day = 5,400 cigarettes I haven’t smoked! I am positive that, without e-cigs, I’d still be smoking cigarettes. The only downside is that I have to get after myself to walk uptown for no reason.

  34. I have been vaping for about 4 months after smoking for 15 years, and for me vaping was my only shot at quitting cigarettes. All this talk about regulation and taxation is part big tobacco money at work and part ignorance. Of course they want to make it harder and more expensive for us to get our vaping supplies in the hope that we will come crawling back to tobacco. Vaping is the future and I think common sense and REAL scientific research will prevail. Happy Vaping!!

  35. I am 37 years old and I started smoking in my teens, at first experimentally, but by the time I was 17 I was a committed smoker. I tried to stop a few times, but always failed. Looking back I think a big reason was because I enjoyed smoking, I enjoyed the sensation and the way it made me feel, I enjoyed the way it broke up my day and gave me time out from work in a way that I could not find a replacement for.
    On the 3rd of May 2014 I bought an eGo kit from a shop. I bought it on a whim, I had no intention of giving up smoking, I just thought it would help me cut down a bit, after all much as I enjoyed smoking I knew it was bad for me.
    I cut down over night without even trying, if I fancied a ciggie I had one, if I fancied a vape I did that instead. My cigarette consumption dropped by 3/4 from day one. About 10 days later I was sitting up late at night after a day off work and thought “I will just have a ciggie before I go to bed” It was at this point I realised I hadn’t smoked all day, not one!
    On the 21st of May I smoked my last cigarette, not for all the reasons I should have but just because vaping is better. The flavour is better, the choice is better, I can tailor the experience to suit my mood.
    If vaping was more expensive to try I wouldn’t be where I am today, if the flavours available were limited I wouldn’t be writing this. If vaping equipment was only available in pharmacies I would never have bought any. I gave up smoking by accident and I am loving it.

  36. to be honest i think this website is quite one-sided on its view and to say that all research showed no harmfull effects on all tests are completely incorrect.
    it is true that initial tests show less pollution in the air but with so many things being troublesome examples are:
    contents of the e-juice is not known to the smoker save 2 ingredients and theres a lot more than 2 ingredients.
    the vapors contain nicotine which is unhealthy in it’s own
    secondhand smoke is known to cause eye, throat and airway issues to those exposed.

    now before some of the vapors starts to disagree with me. the final statement sadly applies to me as i have felt those effects from those “harmless'” vapors and still do. every morning i wake up with a very soar throat and irritated airways. once i get back from work, (where i am not exposed to any kind of smoke or vapor) my throat feels fine untill i get exposed to the vapors again.

  37. Great post, like many i stumbled into vaping a year ago now ….. no looking back

  38. I have always been a nervous person. I smoked mostly to calm my nerves. Now since I have been vaping, for almost a year, I have not smoked a single cigarette! My e-cig has been a livesaver! If I get nervous I vape and it really has a calming effect on me. I am so happy to have found a better alternative.

  39. Soon as I found a suitable setup for vaping, I quit analogs overnight. Never touched tobacco again. That’s 15 months now. Great stuff … vaporware …

  40. I was a Straightup tabacco smoker for many years, but now I vape and loving it.
    Health wise it gives me so much benefits.
    But please peeps, don’t be afraid of the nic level in your juice, meaning:
    That when you used to smoke a pack of sigs a day, you should be okay with a nice level of 18 in your juice.
    Less then a pack a day, 12 nic is your way to go.
    Ocassional smokers should be cool with 6 nic in the juice.
    24 nic in juice is only for peeps that used to smoke anywhere close to 2 packs of sigs a day.
    My point is: that its no biggy to swap from smoking to vaping, just don’t be afraid of the nic level in your juice.
    Your health will thank you for it 🙂

    • Sorry for the late late response, but thanks for the tip on the nicotine, because I was a bit afraid of it. I’m a heavy smoker, and we just went on vacation and bough some vaporizers for the car and such (and for odd situations in another state where smoking is not preferable). So I wasn’t planning on becoming a vaping person. I know very little about it, but I ran out of cigaretts last night and switched to vaping. I’ve vaped all day without panicking for anoter cigarette.

      I think I can very easily get used to this!! My friends will be happy when we go outside for MY smoke break and I’m not flicking ashes on their sidewalk, smelling like an ashtray or puffing gross clouds in their yards. I’m just as excited for them as I am for myself! I may even get a job now, because I won’t smell stale and gross when I go for an interview, no matter how hard I’ve been trying to clean up and get that smoke smell away.

      For us heavy smokers, vaping seems like a God send. I’m sure there are health risks, but we need enough studies to let us accurate assess the risk as compared to analog cigarettes or eve to coffee consumption! It already feels healthier, and I’ve only fully vaped for one full day. I’m stoked.

      • I had been smoking for 35 yr 60-70 cig a day, when i took up vaping. I started with a 24 mg/ml juice. The 24 mg was too strong for me I cut it to 12 mg and didn’t limit my vaping, worked a charm. Now i am eight months nicotine free, I still vape flavored juice for fun and to suppress the food cravings.

        Good Luck all 🙂

    • I’m in agreement with those who think the stronger liquid is the way to go at first, especially for either heavy smokers, or unfiltered aficionados. The main thing is to get off the analogs and if it takes a more potent liquid, go for it and puff less. Worst case scenario you can order another bottle of something weaker and blend them. When I started it was with those horrible Chinese “cigalikes” (switching from RYO unfiltereds) and god knows how I managed it with them, but I quickly ordered some of those old eyedropper drip jobs and some STRONG liquid (the new kit probably arrived just in the knick of time). I didn’t quit gradually, I often say I smoked 45 years and quit in 45 seconds, but it was near thing. Different smokes for different folks, I guess. Of course now I use eGo-C Twists on the road (or trail) and just got my first 50W eLeaf I now use at home. As I’ve said elsewhere, I’m not trying to quit nicotine, I love vaping with coffee and drinks and I’m not trying to quit them either (sure I use half-decaf organic, nowadays, cut back of my alcohol, and use e-liquid at about half my original strength, but I’m 66). I’m what you might call an addictive personality, but a functioning one. If I can quit cigarettes through the use of e-cigs, that’s saying a LOT. It’s saying a lot more people can do it than have yet tried, and I hope many more do (before those criminals at the FDA try to shut us down).

  41. I started vaping a month ago. From day one my cigs declined 75% and have stayed there. It might take another month to figure out the right mix of devices and liquids and I’m still adjusting physicaclly. I don’t want to “quit” smoking, I want to lose interest. That’s happening. This vaping thing is a huge development and I’m seeing a lot of people making the switch every day. If the government tries to interfere with this we’ll have a Boston tea party. There will be a rebellion. We will be a bigger pain in the ass than the Second Amendment gun people. BTW I don’t think it’s possible and probably not desirabe to keep kids away from this. They will vape 0 nic if they never smoked and if they do smoke they will need access to vaping to help them quit.

  42. I smoked way too much for way too long…
    At one point after high school I was smoking 5 packs of Larks daily…
    Most of my life was spent smoking around 2 packs daily…
    Over the years I tried many smoking cessation products…none of which worked…

    After smoking for 40 years, I started with Blu…eventually went with EGO’s and worked myself off of nicotine after a while…

    I have not had an analog since July 22nd, 2011 and don’t miss them one bit !!!

    I still keep my last unopened pack in my desk drawer…since I have not touched that in over three years I never will !!!

    And yes, I love the flavors, I’m using peanut butter cup, grape and peach and I love them !!!

  43. I started vaping in March, I have been free of cigarettes for eight months now.
    I have been amazed how well it has worked for me.
    I have smoked for almost thirty years..
    I didn’t really quit for the money reason I quit for the health reasons.
    I used to cough, my coughing would lead into me heaving and on a rare occasion I would throw up (puke).
    I thought I had done massive damage to my lungs and stomach etc.
    I would also get out of breath very quickly and had trouble walking up even a smallest of hills.
    All that has gone, I’m still not the fittest but I am much fitter.
    I have no problem walking wherever I choose to go, I haven’t coughed since I started vaping.
    I have gone right into the vaping world now.
    I started with a Vamo V5 and I-Clear tanks and brought the juice.
    But I now use a Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer and make my own juice.
    I plan to quit vaping in a year or so, I want to make sure ‘in my head’ that smoking isn’t something I would fall back into.
    Everyone I have meet and I really do mean everyone I have meet, and vaped around only comments on how nice my vapour smells. (generally custard is my base with many other extras)
    So no more stink.
    I now have more more money to spend on my kids.
    I should now be alive longer to enjoy my life with my family.
    If in doubt I hope my words can help you or others you know quit smoking, (FACT = SMOKING KILLS)..

  44. I was a 45 year smoker with no desire to quit ever, and tried the e cig 100 days ago, and I have been analog cigarette free for 90 days. I have to say the government has to get their greedy dirty hands into everything leave our e liquids alone!! Did we Pay them enough all the years we smoked? I was a drug user and gave up drugs… Yet I still held on to the nasty cigarettes that tells me there is WAY more stuff in them then they ever tell us. I am grateful for the e cig, and tell others about it as often as I can I have switched over 3 people in 100 days!! Thank you inventor of this awesome product!!

  45. i switched to ecigs two years ago an never smoked another cigarette. I loved them. They really Worked for me . Here is the problem . I stopped them cold turkey 5 weeks ago, I have been a wreak ever since.. It feels like I stopped yesterday. The anxiety is almost unbearabable. . My physician put me on medication to try to help. My guess is I was vaping way more nicotine then i was using In cigarettes. Maybe no cancer , but terrible anxiety and craving. Has others experienced this or have a suggestion

    • Why cold turkey???
      Do you know that nicotine levels in eLiquids run from 24 down to 0?
      Nicotine is a powerful drug. Your body was addicted to it. You need to step down slowly so you don’t have side effects.
      I smoked 2 packs a day easy. I quit with 12 mg, went down to 6 with better equipment (aspire nautilus) and just went down to 3 with even better equipment (aspire segatank). I hardly felt it. I’ll probably stick to 3 forever as I love nicotine, and rely on it to keep my system ‘regular’ if u get my drift, lol, but I could probably titrate down to 0 without too much difficulty. But we are talking months here between levels, not cold turkey!!!!!!!
      Please reconsider your decision and step down carefully.
      Xox Victoria

  46. I smoked for decades. I wanted to quit many times but couldn’t. I tried the v2 system on a lark, as I thouht it would be cool! But it ended up that was my last cig ever. I actually quit!! Then, I wanted something blingy and wanted diff Flavors so I taught myself how to mix and started a biz so I could buy in large quantities some cool hardware, and sell what I didn’t need. Well 32 employees and 5 Vape shops and 263 e liquid Flavors later, using organic nicotine from specially grown organic Nic in my home state of North Carolina, I’m changing thousands of people’s lives! Vaping is so wonderful and a true life saver. Thank you so much for compiling so many terrific articles in one place. I’ll be writing a blog for my online site, (that just sells our organic nicotine liquids,) pulling in some of your resources (don’t worry I’ll credit you and send traffic back at ya). The Vaping community really needs to stick together. I love supporting North Carolina farmers and not having to use chinese or other out of the country nicotine in our e liquids. Many ppl have come to us not being able to tolerate Eliquids bought from others places, but they love the smoothness of ours, due I’m sure to the organic Nic. We need to all remember to not only support other vapers in the community but support our local communities as well. We are all going to be so much stronger and healthier from quitting cigs ! Xoxox Victoria ‘The Vapor Girl’ 🙂

  47. Yes, all legitimate studies do show that vaping is dramatically less harmful than smoking. the problem is this message is not getting out. In fact more people think ecigs are as harmful or worse than tobacco than compared to 1 year ago. This means that we are losing the battle for public opinion. With new legislation on the horizon in the US and Europe the upcoming year will be crucial in saving these products. More info on the UK regulation is here:

  48. I am currently vaping in my room for the night with a relaxing fan blowing. I’m a college student, started smoking at 17, but I’ve never bought a pack and smoked it all the way through on my own. Although only an occasional smoker, I am glad I switched to vaping on my RDA. Sometimes it’s just relaxing to read and vape. I tried hookah for the 1st time in a year and it tasted awful. Vape on! The leading cause of death in America is heart disease and Vaping is well on its way to eliminating smoking from that equation.

  49. @ henrik jensen – I agree. This site is clearly biased. That’s about as far as I can go with you on the issue. I’ve been smoking 2 packs/day for 50 years. I got a “mod” (Itazte mvp) on a whim more than anything else. Took it home, lite a smoke (or three) while I figured out how to use the contraption. I haven’t had a cigarette since taking the first “puff” off my gizmo. My wife was thrilled. I was too. I had no withdrawal symptoms at all (and I wasn’t really planing on giving up real smokes). I didn’t stink. I saved a small fortune. My “normal” smoker’s hack went away within a week. My breathing is better. My BP went down. Oh yeah, and since I no longer go out for a cigarette, there are no flys or mosquitos getting into the house (which drove my wife nuts). Speaking of my wife, she is extremely sensitive to smell – so much so – that we haven’t shared a bed in years. These days we sleep together and I can “smoke” in the house with her blessing because she says there is no smell. For me, it has been a bunch of “wins” with no downside. So, in summary, do I delude myself into thinking that vaping is super healthy? Nope, not at all. Do I think this site is extremely biased? Yep, I sure do. So what? If other folks are are having the same type of experience as I am, then who gives a rat’s rear end? We, and especially non-smokers, are all much better off.

  50. I smoked for 36 years,was a 2 pack a day smoker. I quit smoking the first day I started vaping. I have not touched 1 cigarette nor wanted one in the 7 years I have been vaping. My whole family of 7, 30+ year ex-smokers now vape(they started when I did). I no longer have high blood pressure,yes quitting smoking removed my high blood pressure.
    I mix my own ejuice so I know exactly what is going into it. If you have a sore throat from vaping then find out why. Lower your PG or VG content as you obviously are allergic to one of those.
    Nicotine is present in many vegetables in which everyone, even children, consume daily.

  51. I cant even remember when I started smoking before I was a teen. I am now 61. Tried every thing to quite . My daughter came home last December and had started using a cheep E-Cig from some tobacco shop. My wife tried it and was going to try and quit Cigarettes. After about a week She was very dissatisfied and was Wanting to go back to Cigarettes. I told her hold off one more day and I would look into better devices. Next day I visited my first E-Cig Shop. I couldn’t believe all the different devises they had. The owner was very helpful and I went home with Two new E-cigs Both Dual coil Tanks and several bottles of Juice. All the difference in the world. I quit smoking 4 Days later and my wife has not even mentioned Cigarettes again. That was 6 Months ago. I am now Mixing our own Juice and it costs about .70 Cents a bottle. We are never going back to Dirty Nasty Puffers again.
    To all of you who are worried about the FDA and State regulations Just keep in mind They don’t care about your health so any thing they do will be in the form of Taxes. They are just having a tough time figuring out a way to Tax Harmless goodies. Keep Vaping My friends and Vote out the ones that are against it.

  52. I’d like to see more of the anti-vaping studies that are being challenged in the list here.
    I know the bad guys that make money off of anti-smoking are looking for a new windmill to joust and I’d just like to be armed to refute them.

  53. I will try to keep this short since we live in a “TLDR” world…
    16 years of smoking, 1 pack a day on average. Switched to a cigalike on 11/20/2013, and haven’t touched a cigarette since.
    I had cravings for real cigarettes for a week, maybe two on the outside. They were very minor, easily sated by my cigalikes. I have since switched to vaping with tank/battery, but am down to 3mg or less in nicotine strength. I enjoy vaping, and no longer have nagging thoughts about how I am slowly (or not so slowly) killing myself with every puff. I can’t tolerate regular cigarettes, even being around a smoker is unpleasant, and I don’t know how my wife and family ever tolerated it (thought occurs to me that it was because they love me…but still, I didn’t make it easy on them). I even have had a few actual nightmares where I smoked a cigarette, and I woke up sweating! But then I realized it was just a dream, and I had really kicked tobacco out of my life forever, thanks to vaping.
    Vape on, folks!

  54. Furthermore, you could get rid of the toxinhs inside your body through drinking plenty of water everyday.

    You must be extremely careful lest you rellapse and throw away all the hard work you’ve done.
    There have been several criticisms of this theory, including
    that its ages are too generous andd that it doesn’t account for individual differences, but its general ideas are sound.

  55. I purchased my vapor on. October 31st. My son was so excited to come with me as he has been bugging me for weeks to go and buy one . It’s been 3 days and I’m down to 3 cigarettes a day.. I really don’t feel like smoking any more. I love the vapor. I feel like I have more energy. When I breath the weezing seems to have disappeared. Today at work I actually took the stairs instead of the elevator several times
    Sounds to good to be true. I’m surprised the vapor is actually working. I love it. It’s too soon to tell but I think I want to quit smoking.

    • Might be a bit late, but the study you talk about is examined more in detail here:
      “The study out of Harvard found that the average diacetyl levels of the products they tested were right around 9.0 micrograms per e-cigarette cartridge. Another study, performed a few year prior, measured the levels of diacetyl in regular cigarette smoke. They found 300 to 433 micrograms in one cigarette. That’s one cigarette alone– that means you could vape over 30 cartridges before reaching the lowest levels of diacetyl that you would find in one cigarette. Considering one cartridge lasts most people a day or longer, the exposure difference between e-cigarettes and regular cigarettes is astounding. In addition, since there are many e-liquid manufacturers that guarantee their products are diacetyl free, you can still vape and avoid inhaling this chemical, something you cannot do with regular tobacco smoke.”

      I hope that helps

  56. the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare service department recently approved an e-cigarette for clinical use for the first time. The general concert is e-cigarettes are better for you than the real thing and one of best vape pen to approve by government is Dr.Dabber vape pen.

  57. I started smoking in Medical School……….(Brilliant huh?) I recently had an. M I at which point I began smoking more and more.I was up to 2 packs a day. Instead of quitting I smoked more and more. It seems as if I was trying i was trying to kill my self. I had a second M.I. 2 months ago. My cardiologist reamed me out but good, and I desrerved it. When released from the hospital I porchased a Vapping kit. No flavors just menthol and nicotien. I kept a half a pack oc cigarettes “jut in case” I used the Vaping device for a week and threw the cigarettes out. its Been about a month and a half since I smoked a cigarette. To the nay sayers who claim E-Cigarettes are s bad or worse than tobacco products: I say this, if you read the research you wont find one sudy that agreeswith that. If I can quit cigarettes in a month. The only reason you cant quit is because you dont want to quit.

  58. Is there seriously still a debate as to whether vaping is safer than smoking? Smoking is to vaping as apples are to oranges.

  59. The government really needs to back away from the vape industry. The studies have already been done! I smoked for 27 years and after reading the comments above, I can see some of you have been also. Now that I have been vaping for the last two and a half years, the benefits are clearly evident! That means added energy, cleaner lungs, no coughing in the morning, better blood pressure, better taste of food and the list goes on and on. I think we all know the real reason for the anti-vaping stories as well as the culprits who are desperately trying to hold the vape industry down.

  60. It’s been 2 and a half years since I quit smoking and I smoked for 27 years. This is all thanks to vaping. The government should move out of the way and let the vape shops flourish. We will all be healthier for it in the long run!

  61. In 1978 I was allowed to smoke at home, I was fifteen, since then I have essentially been a pack a day smoker until mid way through 2015. As foolish as it may seem, I smoked until I needed a ventolin inhaler, then a steroid inhaler, then a heart attack, but still a stubborn smoker. My wife travelled overseas returning home with a vaping cigarette, juice and attachments, where I lived it was and still is illegal to purchase but not to import for personal use.
    From day one I knew this was real and I firmly believe it is the end of smoking related cancers and diseases.
    I know my lungs may never return to full capacity but I am now virtually free of the steroid inhaler although once or twice a week I still use the ventolin. Yes, I have tried to give up, many times. I have also tried real cigarettes since vaping and each time I am reminded at how revolting they taste and I am amazed that I sucked the shite into my lungs for so long. Yes, I wish I was not an addict but vaping has not only shown me that I can walk away from cigarettes but that I can stop the nicotine addiction once and for all, not that I have done so yet but I believe I can.
    To anyone unsure of the validity of vaping as a safer way to alleviate ones cravings, I can say with absolute sincerity, do it, DO IT DO IT DO IT! Your lungs will say thankyou, your family will say thankyou and YOU will say thankyou. I would like to say a special thankyou to who ever invented vaping, THANKYOU, you may have saved the lives of millions of people.

  62. Great job on the list. I spent a bunch of time looking through all the studies. Great resource!

  63. Really great resource of information…I do agree with people who are saying that vaping is a really good choice for people who would like to quit smoking because it’s way less harmful 🙂

  64. Whatever the research says I can tell you they are a hell of a lot safer than regular cigarettes! The reason I push them so hard is they helped get me off cigarettes (where I felt a ton better with the switch).

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