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Wide Awake in the Creamatorium

Cream, luscious cream. Throughout its silky history it’s topped our desserts, laced our delicacies, and smoothed our coffee. “Creme de la Creme” means, literally the best of the best. It rises to the top, and we whip it good. Hell, Prince even wrote a song about it (it was about dairy products, right?)

But how does cream fit into the vaping world? So far, in the short history of our hobby, it’s been difficult to nail down that characteristic richness in an e-juice. It’s just not as simple as grabbing an udder and filling your Protank (don’t try it – trust me on this).

I’ve spent good money and gunked up a lot of coils searching for “the one.” Let’s put some of the newest dairy delights in the vat and see which rises to the top.

All juices are sampled on an Immortalizer RDA at .8Ω, then in a Kayfun or Russian built to 1.2-1.5Ω on a regulated mod. All juices are aged 2-4 weeks.

Seduce Juice Vanilla Cream

Let me just put it out there – I’m a big fan of Seduce Juice. Their coconut base (which really doesn’t taste like coconut) works extremely well in Apple, Pear and Strawberry settings. Because of this, I had high expectations for what they would do with a cream-style juice.

So color me disappointed. Out of the bottle, Vanilla Cream had an odd “chemical” taste to it. No problem – cure the sonufabitch. After a month of good old-timey steeping it’s improved, but still not up to the Seduce standard. This juice began in their “Product Development” lab, and it probably should’ve stayed there a while longer.

I appreciate that Vanilla Creme avoids the pitfall of trying to be cloyingly sweet, but it just lacks the lusciousness of the base evident in their Snake series.

Rating: 4/10

Suicide Bunny O.B.

People seem divided on Suicide Bunny. I find this (and Mother’s Milk) rides the line between flavorful and overwhelming. In a dripper, this is too much for me. Even in a cotton or silica-wicked RBA, I can only take so much.

You say you like sweet? This is a sweet cream juice that emphasizes the sucrose. This might be your ticket to sugary cream heaven. However, for all the care that clearly goes into crafting Suicide Bunny, there’s still that odd chemical taste that is so common in these types of flavors.  also had trouble wicking this juice. It’s just heavy.

I did not sample O.B. in a clearo, but I have a feeling it would work well in that type of tank, where flavor tends to be muted. So clearo fans, this might be your juice.

Overall, it’s not worth the price. I can only vape this for a short period of time, and it just doesn’t “call out to me.” Still, if you like the sweet, this may be your huckleberry.

Rating: 6/10

P.O.E.T. Dolce Miele Crema

P.O.E.T. is a mystery. Apparently it’s brewed by an associate of vaperev. Details are sketchy. Still, in my ever-lasting hunt for the perfect creamy e-juice, I took a shot.

With hints of shortbread and a rich undertone, this is my favorite creme juice. But like so many before, it is overly sweet. And for the price ($22 for 15ml) it should be perfect.

Still, this is the cream I return to. When I can afford it.

Rating: 8/10

Bottom Line

I’m still searching for that knock-out cream juice. To date and to my knowledge, no one has perfected the balance of richness and sweetness that accurately reflects the culinary properties of this dairy delight. I’ll keep looking and report back… for dairy science. In the meantime, enjoy some Dolce Miele Crema, and Dream a Little Cream.

Is there a particular cream flavor you love? Sound off in the comments below!



Next Level Vapors Buckshot

WTF? I read words in the description that somehow match up to flavors I know. But apparently they’re just words; completely disconnected from what I taste.

Is it bad? I wouldn’t say that. High quality, for sure. But whatever steps they took to produce this flavor need to be re-examined. The frustrating thing about Buckshot is it seems to be close to being very good. I just don’t want it in my tank.

Rating: 3/10

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  1. Cream is a hard one it goes bitter very rapidly. That being said I try not to spend my money on cream flavors. Well that is except for darth vapor by ” the vapor hut ” that is one cream I will get on top

  2. If you get the chance try Phillip Rocke Grand Reserve Crème De La Crème. I got two bottles. Vaped both of them in 2 weeks and now i’ve been chasing something similar for weeks.

    I hate that its all limited and hard to get. If I could it would be my all day juice.

  3. The best creme I have tasted was laid out in between other flavors in GAMBIT by FP. I know its not creme but every other cream I have tried, does not taste like cream and most of the juices I get are creme and something else. Like custard or strawberry Unicorn Milk Cutwood, I will buy OB because of your exclusive reference and I really like sweet and really really high nic. I always add nic and sweeter if I get my hands on some really good sweetener. To almost all my juices. I made 42mg/ml Gambit when I got down to about 20% of the bottle left and wanted that taste with only having to take 2-4 hits and set my PV down for a couple hours. This 3mg nic stuff for cloud chasers is not for me. Plus I got into this to quit putting stuff in my lungs, not fill the entire room with massive giant clouds of smoke and hardly taste a thing. I make me cough and scares me for the community that wants a safer cigarette alternative not a fog machine from my clubbing days. Just me… just an opinion. But still Custards and Creams I cannot find!… I trust you so I will try your suggestions and by the way ( Thank you).

    J Lincoln Brown

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