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Yosikadiri ADV Review

The ADV is a variable wattage mod hand made by Yosikadiri Mert Lim in the Philippines. It currently features a DNA30 chip and is powered by dual 3400mAh Panasonic 18650 batteries in parallel for 6800mAh total. USB charging is built-in and can be used as a passthrough.

The striking mod is made by hand from anodized aluminum, and shows a great deal of care in its construction. Dimensions are approximately 55 x 90 x 20mm, and every bit of inside space is utilized. The firing switch is beefy, and appears to be the same high quality button used in JCMS mods.

The ADV uses a standard 510 connector, but newer models feature the superior Fat Daddy Vapes connector.

Performance is typical of any DNA device. The real difference is in the construction, style and hand feel. While flaunting exotic curves and textures, it feels very comfortable when gripped.

ADVs are sometimes sold in lots to US vendors, or can be purchased directly from the builder. If you’re looking for DNA performance, extensive battery life and a design that goes beyond the typical block of aluminum, the ADV is a fantastic mod.

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  1. Meh, yet another mod.
    I don’t know about these mods anymore, since the market’s become so saturated.

    “The real difference is in the construction”?
    The exposed wires and components, the shady hot-glue work is not something I would consider a “real difference”.

    No offense to the designer here,
    but I’m just saying that developers have to raise the bar with the quality.

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